Saturday, 27 April 2013

St Anne

Sorrento..Its a beautiful coastal town on the cliffs of Italy..It was a 'must see city' as we wanted to see Pompeii last year.
Brid had been studying Cambridge Latin and reading about a family and there adventures using this series of books.
We saw Pompeii on a hot day. Well it seemed that it was as it is so exposed.
It was so fascinating and Brid took a mile of photos.
Dermot wanted to see Mt Vesuvius and I just wanted to see those spectacular views along the coast line...And oh those drivers....I think we lost our a heart beat quite a few times driving on those narrow roads. I mean narrow. We wouldn't drive down a road like them in Australia...but they didn't just drive, they sped..Those bikes, they were lethal and dangerous....I lost a heart beat every time on got tooo close.
Anyway, not far from our little hotel accomodation was a little fishing village. As we walked along the sea on the foreshore, we noticed a church and children playing outside. A priest casually talking to the kids and hanging out. A few ladies sitting on a bench as we wntered the Church.
It was called Santa Anna
Gorgeous little obscure church, not on the normal route, but just beautiful inside.
We spent quite a while before Our Lord in Thanksgiving of our holday and our safety and his provision..
I also prayed for one of my friends whose name is Anne...Adorable sweet women.

These are a few photos of this church..

St Anne and Our Lady

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