Friday, 9 September 2011

Homeschool resource / book meme:

How Blessed am I. I was tagged twice within a day by two lovely friends Michelle & Erin.So here I go...

 1.One homeschool book you have enjoyed.
There have been many books I have enjoyed. ....  

Suzie Andres- A Little Way of Homeschooling: and then her other book  Homeschooling with gentleness.... Thank you Sue and Leonie for lending me these books. Now I really would like to have these books as resources.

A Mothers Rule of life.. holly Pierlot. Thanks Tricia for lending me this one, all those many years ago.  

2. One book/ resource I wouldn’t be without.
Now thats a hard one..
My Blogging Friends
Home Ed community
Google search.
4 real community  and on this email list group

3. One resource you wish you never purchased
I would say the general Science Apologia. I got rid of it quick smart.
Well trained mind was a necessary read to decide I wasn’t that type of teacher and it  wouldn’t suit our learning style.

 4 One resource you enjoyed last year
Geography- Physical GeographyBrenda Runkle. I love Geography, and we have always looked at Geography but this book took us into a lot more depth. Brid thoroughly enjoyed it.

 5 One resource you will be using next year.
Now thats too hard.
The library, book depository if they are considered resources. Of course they are

Elizabeth Foss'- Literature for Young ladies ideas. We are really enjoying this collection of books.

6 One resource you would like to purchase.
A year with a Novel. We have seen it, We have it to look at. So I have touched and looked at the content. But now will we really use it to its potential.?? Brid really likes it.
An ipad and a ebook reader- its on the list.

7 One resource you wish existed.
I like  Erins suggestion a Junior Didache’. 

But for me.. its not until I see a need that I realise we do need it. Like the list of books for Women of History unit we are doing.

 8 One homeschool catalogue you enjoy reading?

I could say Bethlehem books. – but I rarely use homeschool resources catalogues because my resources are my like minded friends, and brainstorming with them.

9 one homeschool website you use regularly.
Our Blogs
Our hunter home ed board.
4 real learning community.
Occasionally Aussie homeschool board

10 Tag 6 other homeschoolers.
Joyfilled families

I would really love to read your responses. Come join in the fun.....

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

a current affair

Last Sunday evening, after everyone had left after Fathers' day celebrations we fell into the lounge chairs, turned the TV on and watched 60 mins. We view it with great care. Brid has always been quite sensitive to many areas of the media.
The last report was discussing the anniversary of 9-11.
I watched her as we viewed this report. She really had no idea about what 9-11 was all about.
So afterwards, the questions were asked.
I could have easily just said we will discuss this in the morning, but I resisted.
It was the right time and place right now. The TV was switched off.
The Kingfisher Encyclopedia was taken from the shelf by Brid. She read aloud what was written about this world changing event.
We talked about various aspects, she knew the geography, We discussed the ins and outs of this current affair.
It was a wonderful opportunity that couldn't have been orchestrated any better.
She was ready to listen with more mature ears and understand the complicated issues surrounding this horrific event. She may not understand totally, but hey!, nor do I, and thats OK.

We have been travelling around a lot in history at the moment and I am pleased we have been, because it made it easier to explain and pin various issues for her.
Was this just an opportunity or a Classic strewing?

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Our finished works-

Our Unit on St Gianna Molla took us all over Italy, We met her family, we looked at WWII...
We looked at Our Lady of Good Counsel...

Brid graphed Pregnancy Statistics, she continues to write a diary of an unborn baby.

And then we bounced to the "National Treasure" dvd for a snapshot into early  American history.

George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Declaration of Independence, Liberty Bell........

It was completely up to Brid how she chose to document it....and decorate these strewing ideas....