Thursday, 1 September 2011

Our finished works-

Our Unit on St Gianna Molla took us all over Italy, We met her family, we looked at WWII...
We looked at Our Lady of Good Counsel...

Brid graphed Pregnancy Statistics, she continues to write a diary of an unborn baby.

And then we bounced to the "National Treasure" dvd for a snapshot into early  American history.

George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Declaration of Independence, Liberty Bell........

It was completely up to Brid how she chose to document it....and decorate these strewing ideas....


  1. Thanks Leonie...She put lots of work into this and I love her finished projects.

  2. Very impressive! Some years ago, the girls made a few books on different themes. They love taking them off the shelf and reading them and remembering...

  3. Thanks Sue, She puts a lotof hard work into her completed work.
    its all part of having a feeling of accomplishment.
    She also likes taking her work from her floders and re reading them. ... and yes remembering

  4. Wow! So much work and layed out so well.

    PS. I have tagged you for The homeschool Meme. I hope you don't mind.



  5. Oh thanks Michelle, you must tell Brid She would be pleased to here it.
    i am delighted you tagged me in this meme.
    have a great day Leanne


    Don't know if you are interested but thought of Brid when this popped up today and it's free. Have a lovely day. Looking forward to hearing your homeschool meme responses.

    Warmest wishes, Renelle

  7. Thank you Renelle for thinking of Brid,
    We have Beautiful Girlhood, We read it together. A classic for you to use with faithin the years to come.
    God Bless, Leanne