Thursday, 2 October 2008


Our faith has been quite a major part of our homeschool journey. We have covered quite a lot using lots of different books and resources.
This year we have read:
The First Christians- Acts of the Apostles
My Pathway to Heaven
Our Ladys' Book
Various saint Books
A Summary style of A Story Of a Soul
Seton Religion
St Josephs Catechism
About to read- Stories of the Child Jesus from many Lands

My family

Before we go anywhere I must introduce you to my Beautiful family, so far.
We have Dermot & I, We met in 1985 in London, fell in love, came back to Australia to get married on 5th September 1987 at St Phillips Catholic Church, Kotara South.
We were young and so in love, but not quite used to each other- but we learnt as we went along.
Louise was born March 1988. Much loved and adored. She was so clever. We baptised her on my birthday 1988, at 6 weeks old.
We loved being parents so much, we wanted more-before we knew it I was pregnant with Kristie- still training as a midwife-full time until 33 weeks- she arrived a few weeks after I completed my course. She was a very hungry baby, and fed 3rd hourly around the clock. She was amazing. Kristie was our first Homebirth but not our last. She was baptised at 5 weeks and born on her grandads birthday in May 1990.
Next came our only son, Kieran- a special blessing from God- and a delight. He was a summer bay, born on the hottest day of the February, another hungry baby- my heaviest baby. We chose to Baptise him on my Mums birthday- you see we tried to choose dates we couldn't forget.
We loved our little family of cuteness, strife and we had our Challenges.
Dermot & I needed to work, so we sourced a Nanny to look after the children 3 days a week and my Mum the other day or two . It was hectic, but the only way we knew.
Several years later we had placed on our hearts to bring another life into our world. Her name was Brid, my birthday present- born the day later than me in April 1998. I called her my angel from heaven- she was my best baby- slept through the night from 6 weeks, and before that irregularly.
It was quite a journey with her because there were many weeks we thought she would be not here, anyway, Gods plan was for her to be part of our family.
Brid was born the year Louise, Kristie & Kieran were accepted into St Patrick's school at Wallsend.
This was an amazing journey of faith for Dermot & I as parents. We continue this same journey even today.
Our children are now grown Louise is 20, Kristie is 18, Kieran is 16 and Brid 10. We still have placed on our hearts the desire for more children, if God grants us our prayer.

Homeschooling Journal begins

Our homeschooling journey, wishes dreams will be posted here