Friday, 13 January 2012

This week

As most of you have read, Brid has been away at a ballet Summer school. Its been a big week. Driving backward and forward, dropping off and picking up.
Long days away from each other, all of us. But its coming to a close.
Brid has been able to gain so much knowledge from these fantastic International Dancers. She has had a wonderful experience and one she will look back on with fondness for a long time.
I have managed to find a lovely little church close by to drop into, on the way home from the morning drop off. That has been very special..
I have at times felt like a school mum, doing the car run to and from school.
I thought it would be a tiring week, for us, but we have paced ourselves really well, and its been easier than I thought. Our hosts have been fantastic. Easy and relaxing.
I have been offering our day to God every day. He has been very good to us this week.
Today we are in for a treat. Darcy Bussell, will be at the school for a class this afternoon.
Dermot has had a huge week at work, and has finally been able to get away and spend the last days with us.
Tomorrow is the Celebration of the work achieved through the week. I am looking forward to watching Brid. Our hosts are coming into see her as well.

So all the effort has been worth it.
Will Brid want to return next year....I guess you will need to ask her...But I am sure you will know her response

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Its all about Ballet

This week Brid has been fortunate enough to attend the International Summer School- for Ballet. A dear friend invited her along, and after a few weeks of deliberation, the decision was made. Yes we would go.
Firstly where to stay, easy !!!!. We stayed with our dear friends in Sydney,  Jen and Phil.
So we arrived Sunday evening to share a meal and Sunday evening Mass with our dear Friends.
After a restless nights sleep, we drove to the venue- Mcdonald college, North Strathfield. We needed a little help from the gps and the google maps to get us there.
We arrived, Brid was terribly excited and was itching to dance and meet new friends. She just took the whole experience in. I picked her up late that afternoon, and apart from telling me about her awesome male Jazz teacher, she told me about a couple of girls she met in class.
I was delighted that she could just adapt and chat to new people so easily.
Today, is Tuesday, and apart from knowing which state these girls live in, she was continuing to connect. She is loving every class and is saying its the highlight so far of  Ballet since she began many years ago .
Brid was adviced last year by the college, on our enrollment, to continue her stretches. This certainly has been beneficial to her, with the long days dancing various disciplines of dance. Classical, Jazz, contemporary, character ......
Apart from the tiredness, her muscles have not terribly sore. She is however, ravenous on the 35 minute car ride home though. Thank goodness, I have had a little snack to give her.

So she is still full of beans and loving every minute of her experience.

So what am I doing on these days. Well they are long days for me, but I spent many hours in St Marys cathedral, Sydney on Monday, Coffee and shopping with a dear friend. Washing Ballet clothes and pacing ourselves as far as sleep is concerned. This is part of my job this week as well.
Our hosts are looking after us so very well and I am really trying to help out in return for there gracious generosity.
On Friday, Dermot will return- (He drove down with us, stayed overnight, but called back with a work issue)-  to see a wonderful Ballet dancer and to see Brid and Chantelle dance in there classes Saturday....