Tuesday, 28 August 2012

A musical History

Brid has been studying history chronologically, starting at the Ancients. Occasionally getting off to delve into an area deeper, like WWII and particularly the Jews,  a few months ago..

But this time through the use of a musical, we have transported her to Argentina and the era of Juan & Eva Peron and his Dictatorship.

We have looked at culture, at the Class system, The aristocats, the high life of society and the world at this time.
It is an country that isn't covered well in world history..

The musical is one of my favourites. EVITA..It is one I studied at school and couldn't wait to purchase it..I asked for it for Christmas one year..
I was totally absorbed in the this country and its politics, culture and language. It wasn;r like today when you can google everything. I researched from the library, the encyclopedia, any source I could. I pieced things together ober many years and felt the plight of the poor people of Argentina.
I really had no agenda to follow this through with Brid, but it just happened.
I played it to her in the car and she stopped often to have various things explained and it has was born from there.

She plans on studying the Greeks and The 20th Century slave trade now that she has completed her indepth chronological history course. It will be very interesting what she comes up with..

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Embroidery & ballet

When I was younger I was taught to embroider from  the women in my family. I would embroider doilies and dressing table sets. It was exciting to look for a new set to make. I still have many.
This skill was encouraged by the Textiles and design teachers at high school, when I was a student, long ago.

So this leads me to my new venture......
Over the last few months I have been spending many hours in the waiting room at Brid’s Ballet studio. Its too far to come back home and there are only so many shops to look at..

I usually have an errand list for those days, but this doesn’t require  much time.
Well I had a huge list of things that I needed to do in this time. Reports, marking, planning. There is only so much of that you can do, isn’t there.

I have stumbled upon a lovely way to spend the time...I have been sewing. Using my embroidery skills and creating a variety of different bags to be used for an assortment of items including, Ballet shoes, e book readers  to name a few.
Its been pretty easy to do this.
We have plenty of scraps in a material box.
Firstly, I select appropriate colours and match the embroidery thread to the material. The first couple I machine stitched and then embroidered. But now I am hand stitching the entire bag. Its much more satisfying.
I have also branched out and I am creating a bag to carry my array of items needed for a few hours waiting.

I was inspired by Miss Kristys’ bag. “Where did you get that one?”, I asked. “USA, while I lived there.” Was her answer. “Oh ...
I really admired her bag and I kept pondering it. An idea popped into my head. How about I make one.

So now this is where the thinking cap comes on...
I don’t use templates just a rough idea in my head.. Right now I am embroidering some detail to the fabric before stitching it all together.

Its been quite enjoyable. I am learning not to rush things and just be at peace with each project.  So let me show you some of the finished bags.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

End of an Era

Brid joined the Gilr Guide movement in 2008 after our difficult ordeal that year. It has been a great movement to be involved in.
She has learnt a lot of skills and has been patrol leader for the last year.
She has been able to do many things we could not have done with her.he slept out under the stars at the Zoo.
She has been on walks and camp fires, ttended talks and fundraised for various different charities including Diabetes and the Blind society.
Late last year the Guide movement asked the Girls to Vote to modernise the Promise.
For those who don't know I learnt it as this"
I Promise to do my best, to do my duty to God, to serve the Queen, help other people and to keep the Guide law.
Brids' promise was fairly similar to mine.

They girls were kept up to date and recently there was a flyer she recieved in the mail which upset her..
It said that We were taking God out of the Promise.
Brid was Far from impressed..She was quite at first but I could see she was mulling it all over.

Out of the blue, I should have known it was coming she said " Mum I don't want to go to Guides any more".
I pressed her for why? The day before she brought home a worksheet on the the new Promise. "I have to learn this".
I Am not surprised really. She brings Our Lord into every area of her life, and if He wa to be taken out then she really had no option.. She is 14, she made an informed decision, and I totally respect that decision..
Good on her for standing up for what she believes.
We wrote an email to the Movement and to the Unit explaining our decision. .
The  movements head office were surprised by Brids reaction.
The unit were very sad but understood. Brid has passed into a new phase of her life and as the saying goes. "It was good while it lasted".

One focused girl

Its been like a flash and the term in half over..Where did it go..??
Brid is amazingly focused on her school subjects.
She knows exactly what needs doing and just gets on with it..
It does help that her life is full with BALLET..
She dances 4 days a week..She loves it..
Over the last few weeks the entire Ballet school has been preparing for there Exams-both practical and theory..
Brids teachers are extremely proud of her and as Mr Rider said last Friday. "My work is complete, I can do no more, she will be fine", he says this in his Orlando accent. He is rather cheeky and very fair with the students. His Wife Miss Kristy is adorable and is the most beautiful dancer I have met, so soft and gentle in her tone as well.

This weekend just gone the Students were examined. Each level one at a time.
We got positive feedback straight away. And why you ask..Miss Kristys' mum was in charge of the music..She got to see each student perform there routines.
The examiner liked Brid and we were told she danced beautifully.

So now to begin work on her next grade and prepare for the end of year concert...


I somehow believe that Brid is so focused because she is rather happy in her chosen world of Ballet. She can express herself extend herself.