Tuesday, 28 August 2012

A musical History

Brid has been studying history chronologically, starting at the Ancients. Occasionally getting off to delve into an area deeper, like WWII and particularly the Jews,  a few months ago..

But this time through the use of a musical, we have transported her to Argentina and the era of Juan & Eva Peron and his Dictatorship.

We have looked at culture, at the Class system, The aristocats, the high life of society and the world at this time.
It is an country that isn't covered well in world history..

The musical is one of my favourites. EVITA..It is one I studied at school and couldn't wait to purchase it..I asked for it for Christmas one year..
I was totally absorbed in the this country and its politics, culture and language. It wasn;r like today when you can google everything. I researched from the library, the encyclopedia, any source I could. I pieced things together ober many years and felt the plight of the poor people of Argentina.
I really had no agenda to follow this through with Brid, but it just happened.
I played it to her in the car and she stopped often to have various things explained and it has was born from there.

She plans on studying the Greeks and The 20th Century slave trade now that she has completed her indepth chronological history course. It will be very interesting what she comes up with..

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