Tuesday, 6 March 2012

the rhythm of life...

What our weeks like at the moment-
It has been a big change here this last term, particularly with Brid beginning at a new Ballet School. She has extra classes, so we fit our school around them. That has been quite exciting for us all, especially as these teachers have just come off  the Stage in 2010.
We are busy organising our first Catholic homeschool camp. It is a little stressful but it will be worth it. We have nearly given up a couple of times, but our fellow organisers have been my strength when the chips are down.
We have changed Maths programs from Maths Online to Teaching Textbooks. It is a rather good fit, as Brid likes to learn visually. Even when we read together, she likes to see what is being read.
We are using Fix it Grammar at the moment. It really only takes about 20mins a day, and reinforces the grammar emphasisd in the IEW intensives.
We continue to read Sense & Sensibility. Its created quite a lot of conversation. Brid has picked up so much information along the way about this era, that she is teaching me.
Well this is an area I have been agonising over for months, or dare I say years. I loved Jeannie Fulbrights Young Explorers Series, but just didn't like the slant General Science took, and after hunting, searching, buying products I that were not a good fit, we have bit the bullet and borrowed Apologia Physical Science. Watch this space. ...................
It has been fun start to the year. We sit together and enjoy Cambridge Latin.
And then there is Youth Group and Girl Guides. Brid has been attending Girl Guides since 2008, but Youth group has just been this year. She loves it and the team have certainly seen Brid's natural leadership qualities and have begun harnessing them. She read last week at Mass. She read and projected her voice very well. Its lovely to see that others see these qualities in her.
We are still on our health kick and with the kilos that are slowly coming off, it gives us encouragement to keep at it.
So its been quite an interesting time for us all. A time of adjustment as well.