Saturday, 31 December 2011

a rescue

Yesteeday while doing our daily walk, Dermot spotted a little creature on the ground, hardly moving. We very quickly realised it was a possum, but what type. I know nothing about the various varieties of possums.
It was very tiny and looked quite distressed. We contemplated what to do. We asked a neighbouring house, "do you have a box for this little possum.". She ended up fetching her Mum. Her mum knew who to contact. In the meantime we used the towel provided and scooped him up very gently. he looked barely alive.
A women walked toward us, actually she was running. she was an animal rescuer. She knew what to do.
So Dermot handed her this little sick animal and hoped it would be still alive in 24 hours. She took one look at his tail and knew it was very malnutrioned.
We had no idea what to do, so we go onto the animal rescue sites and researched a little.
This little creature was stilll on my mind all through the day and night.

Today we called into see our little possum, as its on our walking route. Isn't it funny, its our little possum now..
Kathee was pleased to see us and explained she had had a very late night / early morning, with this little possum. She had just rescued another possum, a few weeks before hand. She was puzzled as to what night be causing this. Possible human intervention..
Anyway, when we saw him today, his tail was curling and he was taking fluids and some baby foods.
He has a long way to go. It reminded me very much of the journey, the little premature babies have when they are born so early.
We are hoping we can call in and see our little fella.  We will update you on how he is going.

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Merry Christmas everyone

After all the preparation, the reflections, the crafts, the gift buying, Its time for the Christmas and family.
We pray you are all Blessed abundantly this Christmas and New year.

Thursday, 22 December 2011


A friend recommended a really great book, called Fashioned by Faith. I researched it a little further and ordered it.
Its about a Fashion model who learnt how to say no to being put in situations and positions, as a model, that would compromise her body. It is after all the Temple of the Holy Spirit.
Brid has read the teen series, All things Girls., and we have had many heart to hearts, so it was no surprise to me that she would enjoy this book.
A few days ago, we were shopping and she said out of the blue,"I didn't realise how many immodest clothes there were until I began reading that book Mum,". I was surprised by her reaction, but she was looking at clothing in a completely new way.
We taped the Christmas carols to watch and she wanted to fast forward a few songs. when questioned why? 'They need to cover up more.
So this book has made a big impact on Brid. We have taught her the art of modesty and dressing for Our Lord, but this book explained it in much more detail.

This will take us on a journey over the next year looking at and expanding modesty, purity and boys.
Brid and I work together with another family during the year, and us Mums. we were at a loss, what subject will we cover this year with them? So this is it!.
Maybe at the end we will read and study Pygmalion. It highlighting the issues we have looked at.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Christmas Cakes

Last week several girls got together to decorate Christmas Cakes.
Brid has done this before, but this time, I wanted her to make her cake from scratch.
Brid weighed her fruit and soaked it a few weeks ago.
The smell through house was beautiful.
We carefully wrapped it and placed it in a cool storing place.

So it came to buying any decorations, those carefully chosen, we were ready to join the other girls in the yearly Cake decorating.
Cakes were turned upside down, and there tops cut off to make flat.
Marzipan was placed in all the holes and crevices. A thin layer was placed on the cake, and then the rolling of the royal icing. We purchased this, but in the past I have made it from scratch.
Busy working
and piping
So a dusting of icing sugar on each each girls rolling area, and lots of effort rolling. Much concentration and instructing by both Mums and daughters.
Brid tried really hard to roll hers, but she has not has very much practice in the art of rolling pastry or icing, so it was difficult to instruct her with the distractions around us. I ended up helping her roll her icing and she placed this delicate rolled Royal icing on her Cake. This was a really stressful but Brid & I hugged each other and got on with the job, we were there for.
getting the piping ready, oh and having a coffee
From there it was completely up to her. A few tips of how to cut off the excess icing were given.
A break for a cuppa and a chat....pheww.....and then the piping icing was made and distributed into lockseal bags.
Girls assembled, Icing bags snipped and Piping and decorating began.
The finished products were just fantastic.
Brids finished cake

I think the thing I remember the most was the icing sugar over the table, the floor, our clothes and the smiles at the end of the session.
The smiles on the girls faces as they proudly presented there cakes on to the table to be photographed, was pretty special too.
All the girls and littlies with there cakes, so proud

Brids cake at home- its a present for Grandad

A selection of the cakes decorated

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

There were two dancing girls

Brid and Louise have always been dancers, whether it be Ballet or Jazz or Irish Dance. Louise always danced everywhere she went and Brid is just the same.
When Brid was little she liked to dance at the end of a movie at the cinema. She would run to the front and dance to the closing song, She would even dance down the aisles of the grocery store. Not much has changed, she still loves to dance, in fact they both do.
Louise began dancing when she was 2. Ever so cute in her tiny tot bubble dress and tiny pink ballet shoes. Her hair was so wispy it couldn't go into a bun. She was very good at remembering her routines.
When Louise was around 10 or so, she was introduced to the world of Irish Dancing. Her first teacher was Christie, from the Riverdance production that toured Australia.
Her interest in Irish Dancing continued and she still loves it. Brid was introduced to Irish dancing when she was a little girl and began her journey of learning its intricate steps.
So this year, we have 2 lovely daughters performing in 2 separate shows. Louise performed in the 'crn' Irish Dancing concert and Brid in her Ballet studio concert.
Brid, has worked very hard and was awarded a couple of very special awards this year. Most Improved and the Encouragement award for Jazz & Classical.
Here are a selection of photos of the girls.

Louise (R) with her best friend Jaye

Brids Ballet tutu this year

Sisters, looking too much alike.

Brids special  trophies this year