Wednesday, 14 December 2011

There were two dancing girls

Brid and Louise have always been dancers, whether it be Ballet or Jazz or Irish Dance. Louise always danced everywhere she went and Brid is just the same.
When Brid was little she liked to dance at the end of a movie at the cinema. She would run to the front and dance to the closing song, She would even dance down the aisles of the grocery store. Not much has changed, she still loves to dance, in fact they both do.
Louise began dancing when she was 2. Ever so cute in her tiny tot bubble dress and tiny pink ballet shoes. Her hair was so wispy it couldn't go into a bun. She was very good at remembering her routines.
When Louise was around 10 or so, she was introduced to the world of Irish Dancing. Her first teacher was Christie, from the Riverdance production that toured Australia.
Her interest in Irish Dancing continued and she still loves it. Brid was introduced to Irish dancing when she was a little girl and began her journey of learning its intricate steps.
So this year, we have 2 lovely daughters performing in 2 separate shows. Louise performed in the 'crn' Irish Dancing concert and Brid in her Ballet studio concert.
Brid, has worked very hard and was awarded a couple of very special awards this year. Most Improved and the Encouragement award for Jazz & Classical.
Here are a selection of photos of the girls.

Louise (R) with her best friend Jaye

Brids Ballet tutu this year

Sisters, looking too much alike.

Brids special  trophies this year


  1. Congratulations, Brid! You must be such a proud mother, Leanne.

  2. Thank you Sue, Yes it is lovely seeing the girls succeed and enjoy there interests. The year off irish dancing has done Brid the world of good, because she is now enthused to return to dance with her sister. Thanks for dropping by, Leanne