Saturday, 31 December 2011

a rescue

Yesteeday while doing our daily walk, Dermot spotted a little creature on the ground, hardly moving. We very quickly realised it was a possum, but what type. I know nothing about the various varieties of possums.
It was very tiny and looked quite distressed. We contemplated what to do. We asked a neighbouring house, "do you have a box for this little possum.". She ended up fetching her Mum. Her mum knew who to contact. In the meantime we used the towel provided and scooped him up very gently. he looked barely alive.
A women walked toward us, actually she was running. she was an animal rescuer. She knew what to do.
So Dermot handed her this little sick animal and hoped it would be still alive in 24 hours. She took one look at his tail and knew it was very malnutrioned.
We had no idea what to do, so we go onto the animal rescue sites and researched a little.
This little creature was stilll on my mind all through the day and night.

Today we called into see our little possum, as its on our walking route. Isn't it funny, its our little possum now..
Kathee was pleased to see us and explained she had had a very late night / early morning, with this little possum. She had just rescued another possum, a few weeks before hand. She was puzzled as to what night be causing this. Possible human intervention..
Anyway, when we saw him today, his tail was curling and he was taking fluids and some baby foods.
He has a long way to go. It reminded me very much of the journey, the little premature babies have when they are born so early.
We are hoping we can call in and see our little fella.  We will update you on how he is going.

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