Friday, 29 July 2011

This weeks highlights

This week is the second week of term 3 here in NSW, Australia.
Its been a much more  relaxed week.
Our highlights for this week would be._
Brid started reading Literature for young ladies list. Beginning with St Catherine of Sienna. It also saw us begin our unit study on St Gianna Molla.
Brid attends Girl Guides on  Monday night and its always a great night for her.
We changed Brid's Piano lesson to lateTuesday afternoon. Not sure if it will work, but we can only try. She is playing very nicely and as Brid has a really good ear for music, she is now needing to practice her sightreading. Its coming along nicely.
Tuesday also saw us Celebrate the Feast of St Anne & St Joachim. We made a Chaplet and prayed this after dinner. I already posted about This.
This also saw us outside replenishing our vege patch ready for planting.
Wednesday saw us researching and looking into Bunnies. We have been offered a bunny, so I gave Brid the challenge of doing all the research into the breed, the cost, what we would need, etc. We are now patiently waiting for the next litter.
Every month on a Wednesday is a Mothers and daughters encouragement night. It is a highlight of the month and one we both look forward to. It makes Thursday a little slow for us to start as one young lady is tired from the night before.
Brid has decided on Ballet and Jazz exams, this means extra lessons. As its her initiative she is quite enthusiastic.
 Every Friday Brid is attending a photography course, run by professional photographers. There are 2 classes being run, one for the primary ages and one for the teens. The teens are having a great time together. There is about 8 teens, and they appear to be enjoying themselves. Us Mums drop them off and go to the local coffee shop for the morning. Great way to end the week.

This week also saw us with no hot water !!!!!!  I noticed the water was luke warm through the week. So I had a look at the tank, and saw water pouring out of two holes in the base. Time for a plumber. Lucky, we were able to get our plumber out the next day.
It was also fortunate that the tank was outside, as the ground was quite mushy underfoot. So todat Friday, I had a lovely hot shower.   
So we may not have gone very far, but we have had a rather big week.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Reading with Dad

Kids love there Dads reading to them. Or at least my children have.
Dermot often read to the kids when they were little. You would see him on the floor in a bedroom with his children surrounding him,  I smiled and walked away, wanting them to stay in the moment. He stopped reading for whatever reason, I can't remember, but it hasn’t been until recently that he has taken it up again.
At the moment Brid & Daddy are working themselves through Pippy Long stockings. All I hear from Brid’s room is laughing, and reading in character. It’s a well loved book by Brid.

There is lots of discussion about what book they will read next, in their reading adventure.   

I am so pleased that they have this special time together. Its a Memory they both will look back on with fondness.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Winter school break

Well the July school holidays, here in Australia are almost officially over, but we never stopped learning or discovering.
Its been a nice refreshing break. Dermot was fortunate enough to have quite time after the end of our financial year to rest and enjoy the break with us.
Brid had a weekend at her grandparents so Dermot and I could attend a retreat. We re entered a Catholic community that we moved away from. We felt called to reconnect. We will now see what God has install for us.
We warmed ourselves by the fire while watching movies and documentaries. There are 2 series on the TV at present. One on the human body and then another called the Great migration. Both well presented.
Reading was high on everyones priority list as was my knitting. I am making blankets to give to a nursing home.
We had excursions to the foreshore and walked or scootered along in the cold winter air.  Doing a spot of shopping while in town. We caught up with several friends. One set of friends are not homeschooled and we often see this family. So we made a posh morning tea with scones jam cream and milo -all in fine china cups and saucers. Served my me. They loved it.  We made clay ornaments. We originally were going to make windmills but they digressed, so we just chatted as we created. Dermot surprised us all by taking us to see a play- Beauty and the Beast. Performed by a local youth company. Guess who wants to join the drama group now.   
We met with our new Bishop Bill at our local parish and welcomed him to our community.
We fitted a lot in but still tried to keep low key. Brid and I had several girlie nights and Dermot drove into see his local footy team the Knights. My Dad and Dermot bought season passes this year. Dad hasn’t wanted to go to a game for years, but there is a revived vigour. So while he is gone, we choose a movie and paint nails and spend a special time together.
We had several activities and crafts we purchased to do over the holidays, just incase, but haven’t used the kits we purchased yet. I am sure we will in time.  

So that’s our holiday roundup. Relaxing Refreshing and low key.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

The Annual Poetry Recital

Last Friday of last term, we were privileged to attend the Annual Poetry Recital for the our homeschool area.
It has been run for several years and it has become quite popular. This year there were  41 poems to be recited. One poem per person. The children's ages were from 4 through to 16.
Some were so cute, others dressed in the theme of there poem, others read from there prompts, and still others read in public for the very first time.
It was exciting, because our venue has been, in the past, a community hall. It was a  lovely venue, but this time a Gallery in our main City Library had been secured.
What  an amazing venue. A homeschoolers dream, as there was a library to pursues afterwards.
So the scene was set, 10am, everyone assembled to watch there children recite there Poetry. It was quite a wet windymorning, so it was lovely to be in a heated facility. We had two young comperes selected, and they did an amazing job.
Brid had been writing her own poetry during the last 2 terms. She had been looking closely at different meters and rhythm of poetry and imitating these. We studied Poetry with another homeschooling family, and the girls bounced off each other and encouraged each other in there writing.
So when it came to selecting a piece it was pretty easy. Brid practiced this piece and recited it to us. Dermot & I  kindly corrected any flaws in her presentation.
With this piece in hand, we waited for Brid's turn. Everyone was reciting and not reading there poem, some were quite a few stanzas. I became worried. Brid had been reading hers. Oh the girls younger than her are reciting much longer pieces. Maybe I could whisper in her ear to try to recite it without her paper in hand. She was several rows in front with a toddler on her lap.
Her name was called,  her copy of her poem landed in my lap.
Oh wonderful I thought. Then what if she forgets her lines.
Just pray Leanne.
She did not only recite it word perfect, but her diction was spot on. You see there were a couple of words that needed to be said perfectly because they were key words.
Dermot & I were so very proud. Why did I worry, she wasn't nervous, she was very confident.
Praise God.
A lovely morning was had with lots of Mums and some Dads beaming with joy after there children had recited there poems.
The young teens all encouraged each other and the girls all hugged each other. The little ones were scooped up by loving, proud families members and friends. It was a lovely atmosphere. Lots of laughter and goodwill filled the room until it was time to go.
We headed down the stairs but nothing could keep us from scanning the shelves of the well stocked library 2 floors below. We all headed away with books in arms, with the rain subsided and the afternoon ahead of us, we headed to acquire the goods we needed on my to get list.