Sunday, 17 July 2011

Winter school break

Well the July school holidays, here in Australia are almost officially over, but we never stopped learning or discovering.
Its been a nice refreshing break. Dermot was fortunate enough to have quite time after the end of our financial year to rest and enjoy the break with us.
Brid had a weekend at her grandparents so Dermot and I could attend a retreat. We re entered a Catholic community that we moved away from. We felt called to reconnect. We will now see what God has install for us.
We warmed ourselves by the fire while watching movies and documentaries. There are 2 series on the TV at present. One on the human body and then another called the Great migration. Both well presented.
Reading was high on everyones priority list as was my knitting. I am making blankets to give to a nursing home.
We had excursions to the foreshore and walked or scootered along in the cold winter air.  Doing a spot of shopping while in town. We caught up with several friends. One set of friends are not homeschooled and we often see this family. So we made a posh morning tea with scones jam cream and milo -all in fine china cups and saucers. Served my me. They loved it.  We made clay ornaments. We originally were going to make windmills but they digressed, so we just chatted as we created. Dermot surprised us all by taking us to see a play- Beauty and the Beast. Performed by a local youth company. Guess who wants to join the drama group now.   
We met with our new Bishop Bill at our local parish and welcomed him to our community.
We fitted a lot in but still tried to keep low key. Brid and I had several girlie nights and Dermot drove into see his local footy team the Knights. My Dad and Dermot bought season passes this year. Dad hasn’t wanted to go to a game for years, but there is a revived vigour. So while he is gone, we choose a movie and paint nails and spend a special time together.
We had several activities and crafts we purchased to do over the holidays, just incase, but haven’t used the kits we purchased yet. I am sure we will in time.  

So that’s our holiday roundup. Relaxing Refreshing and low key.


  1. Your posts always paint such a lovely picture of your homeschooling life - relaxed and spirit-filled. God bless you and your family, Leanne:)

  2. Thanks Vicki, Sometimes its not so relaxed and fun, but on the whole we all enjoy each others company.

  3. Sounds like you had a great holiday, Leanne. Our highlight was going to see Vicky but we left some nasty germs behind and both our families spent the rest of the holidays sick!

  4. Sorry to hear that both families were unwell. Hope you are all getting better now.