Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Reading with Dad

Kids love there Dads reading to them. Or at least my children have.
Dermot often read to the kids when they were little. You would see him on the floor in a bedroom with his children surrounding him,  I smiled and walked away, wanting them to stay in the moment. He stopped reading for whatever reason, I can't remember, but it hasn’t been until recently that he has taken it up again.
At the moment Brid & Daddy are working themselves through Pippy Long stockings. All I hear from Brid’s room is laughing, and reading in character. It’s a well loved book by Brid.

There is lots of discussion about what book they will read next, in their reading adventure.   

I am so pleased that they have this special time together. Its a Memory they both will look back on with fondness.


  1. Andy loves to read to our children too. I've noticed the older ones move closer, whenever Andy is reading, so they can hear the younger girls' stories. However old they get, they never get tired of listening.

    I can just imagine Dermot reading in character! Can you remember your parents reading to you, Leanne?

  2. Thanks for dropping by. My older kids loved us reading to them, especially there Dad. I remember reading read alouds for Brid and the others drawing close to listen.
    I don't remember my parents reading to me.
    I wasn't a big reader as a child, so how did I get all these children who read!! I don't know.
    I developed my reading skills when I started nursing and had to read my way through textbooks.