Friday, 29 July 2011

This weeks highlights

This week is the second week of term 3 here in NSW, Australia.
Its been a much more  relaxed week.
Our highlights for this week would be._
Brid started reading Literature for young ladies list. Beginning with St Catherine of Sienna. It also saw us begin our unit study on St Gianna Molla.
Brid attends Girl Guides on  Monday night and its always a great night for her.
We changed Brid's Piano lesson to lateTuesday afternoon. Not sure if it will work, but we can only try. She is playing very nicely and as Brid has a really good ear for music, she is now needing to practice her sightreading. Its coming along nicely.
Tuesday also saw us Celebrate the Feast of St Anne & St Joachim. We made a Chaplet and prayed this after dinner. I already posted about This.
This also saw us outside replenishing our vege patch ready for planting.
Wednesday saw us researching and looking into Bunnies. We have been offered a bunny, so I gave Brid the challenge of doing all the research into the breed, the cost, what we would need, etc. We are now patiently waiting for the next litter.
Every month on a Wednesday is a Mothers and daughters encouragement night. It is a highlight of the month and one we both look forward to. It makes Thursday a little slow for us to start as one young lady is tired from the night before.
Brid has decided on Ballet and Jazz exams, this means extra lessons. As its her initiative she is quite enthusiastic.
 Every Friday Brid is attending a photography course, run by professional photographers. There are 2 classes being run, one for the primary ages and one for the teens. The teens are having a great time together. There is about 8 teens, and they appear to be enjoying themselves. Us Mums drop them off and go to the local coffee shop for the morning. Great way to end the week.

This week also saw us with no hot water !!!!!!  I noticed the water was luke warm through the week. So I had a look at the tank, and saw water pouring out of two holes in the base. Time for a plumber. Lucky, we were able to get our plumber out the next day.
It was also fortunate that the tank was outside, as the ground was quite mushy underfoot. So todat Friday, I had a lovely hot shower.   
So we may not have gone very far, but we have had a rather big week.


  1. Wow, Leanne! It may have been a relaxed week but you got a lot done! Brid's curriculum looks very interesting and rich in content. It looks a lot of fun, too. God bless, Vicky:)

  2. Thanks vicki, Yes its developing nicely. we are changing things around as we need to. We are encouraging Brid to follow her ideas as well. Quite a joint effort.