Thursday, 7 July 2011

The Annual Poetry Recital

Last Friday of last term, we were privileged to attend the Annual Poetry Recital for the our homeschool area.
It has been run for several years and it has become quite popular. This year there were  41 poems to be recited. One poem per person. The children's ages were from 4 through to 16.
Some were so cute, others dressed in the theme of there poem, others read from there prompts, and still others read in public for the very first time.
It was exciting, because our venue has been, in the past, a community hall. It was a  lovely venue, but this time a Gallery in our main City Library had been secured.
What  an amazing venue. A homeschoolers dream, as there was a library to pursues afterwards.
So the scene was set, 10am, everyone assembled to watch there children recite there Poetry. It was quite a wet windymorning, so it was lovely to be in a heated facility. We had two young comperes selected, and they did an amazing job.
Brid had been writing her own poetry during the last 2 terms. She had been looking closely at different meters and rhythm of poetry and imitating these. We studied Poetry with another homeschooling family, and the girls bounced off each other and encouraged each other in there writing.
So when it came to selecting a piece it was pretty easy. Brid practiced this piece and recited it to us. Dermot & I  kindly corrected any flaws in her presentation.
With this piece in hand, we waited for Brid's turn. Everyone was reciting and not reading there poem, some were quite a few stanzas. I became worried. Brid had been reading hers. Oh the girls younger than her are reciting much longer pieces. Maybe I could whisper in her ear to try to recite it without her paper in hand. She was several rows in front with a toddler on her lap.
Her name was called,  her copy of her poem landed in my lap.
Oh wonderful I thought. Then what if she forgets her lines.
Just pray Leanne.
She did not only recite it word perfect, but her diction was spot on. You see there were a couple of words that needed to be said perfectly because they were key words.
Dermot & I were so very proud. Why did I worry, she wasn't nervous, she was very confident.
Praise God.
A lovely morning was had with lots of Mums and some Dads beaming with joy after there children had recited there poems.
The young teens all encouraged each other and the girls all hugged each other. The little ones were scooped up by loving, proud families members and friends. It was a lovely atmosphere. Lots of laughter and goodwill filled the room until it was time to go.
We headed down the stairs but nothing could keep us from scanning the shelves of the well stocked library 2 floors below. We all headed away with books in arms, with the rain subsided and the afternoon ahead of us, we headed to acquire the goods we needed on my to get list.


  1. This is a beautiful testimony to homeschooling, Leanne. It sounds as though there was a lovely atmosphere there - you must all have been so proud of the children!:)

  2. Thanx Vicki, Yes it was a very lovely morning.

  3. Kids love sharing, don't they? It makes such a difference sharing with a group such as your poetry recital rather than just saying the poem at home. Sounds like you had a fantastic time. A very proud mum!

  4. Thanks Sue, It was a great day..and Yes I am a proud MUM. She spoke very well