Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

coming close to the end of the school year..

The school year here in Australia. is coming to a close. Most schools pack up there books and bags and head for summer holidays from mid December.
We are winding down our official schooling as well. But we can't wind down life learning.
Brid is finishing off a unit study  about Blessed Juniper Serra and his life. She has journeyed to Spain, Mexico and looked into missionary work. She is making a start in this area herself.
Fr Brown has grapped her attention on our ebook reader. I am sure that series will be complete soon.
Maths will come to a hault as well. Will we continue with Maths Online? We will finish this level and reassess it early next year.
So I have asked Brid to complete all areas of work she is working on before mid December.
Ideally I would like to concentrate our days on the season of Advent. It has come around too quickly, but as we organise our christmas decorations into various boxes, it is no trouble to locate the Advent Box. We are looking at various Advent crafts and ideas at the moment.
She has enjoyed reading Apologia Anamtomy & Physiology, making the occasional journal entry, and creating a great board game.
Earlier this year we began a faith text from seton.Witness to Faith. It is there new yr8 text. Some would consider this too schoolie. But it has been a walk through our faith, through the centuries. We won't be completing this as Brid is taking this slowly, enjoying and soaking it in. It has given her a greater understanding of our faith, and thats always a good thing.

Next post, I may share with you the different areas Brid and I have decided we would like to tackle.

So for reading in the holidays I purchased a series called My story. WW1. Brid loves these books and as they were on sale at book depository I could afford to splurge a little.She has already began reading one of them. I need to hand these out individually, or else no chores or work of any kind gets done. Is this controlling, maybe, but its also teaching self control and discipling ones self.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

a camping surprise...

A while ago, we headed down south to a Catholic Homeschool camp. It was designated as a tent camping week.
My initial reaction, was no.., we wouldn't be going. End of that.
We were however asked to go to fill in some spots in the play that is acted out each year.
In the past, the religious sisters in the local area assisted the children to put on two plays. One for the little ones. One for the older ones. So in there memory, Sarah wanted to keep this tradition. This looked like it may slip away, so a few families said they would help out. We were told we could stay in the house that the Pauline Fathers had just purchased, but, be camp side until bed time. I really didn't need to ask Brid. I knew her reaction.
So off we went car packed, script in hand and a little nervous as to the 'camping facilities'.
It was an easy 3-4 hour drive and just off the highway.
The days were filled with the usual daily Mass, rosary and talks to the various age groups by religious orders. The first day was the talk by the Mgls. That was great to hear there message. Unfortunately I missed most of it, as we arrived at the end of the talk.
We were Blessed to hear the Immaculata Sisters that afternoon and the next day. This order was born from the lay Immaculata community and from WYD08. So a young order- well not quite an order if you think in official church terms.
The best part of the week was being able to chat with my friend Sue and her girls. We were able to talk without using the telephone or writing emails, or meeting in the cyber world somewhere. That was a real Blessing.
Brid & I met up with lots of old friends and were acquainted with a few new faces.
It was real camp cooking on BBQs and an old sink for washing up.
The girls and boys took turns in washing and wiping up duties and each older girl was allocated a large family to assist with there meals. This encouraged new relationships with people the girls may not know, and helped them attain a greater sense of responsibilty and charity.
Every day the children placed in there teams for athletic sports. It was quite warm for the children running but it certainly expelled there energy. A meal and drinks were well received after there late morning activities.
The play was read and re read every day and rehearsed until it was the final day. No matter how prepared or unprepared the groups they now needed to perform there plays.
Brid was given the role of Amelia the Abyss. The lines she had been given to learnt were of the narrator, so she needed to quickly learn new lines. She was at a disadvantage but she rose to the occasion.

It was a wonderful end to the week long camping experience, which I still have reservations on.