Monday, 19 October 2009

Term 4 Day 1

Today was our first day of term 4. It was a little hard to get back into School. We have been pretty laid back over the holidays.
Anyway with sleep in our eyes we got breakfast, and readied ourselves for the day.
Brid was ready before 9. yeah!!! very good.
I started this term with a whole program, and determined to complete it all. I break term 4 into finish of the years work and get ready for Advent.
This year I want to celebrate All Saints Day in a big way, so I have a few ideas for that.
I want to get several topics and books finished. I want to complete 'Blood and Guts', and I was surprised when I found we were very close to completing St Patricks' Summer- its been our faith reader. Its been a great read, one I have enjoyed. Brid is well able to read herself, so I do not do as many read alouds now.
So now we have 2 chapters to read on Blood and Guts and it is complete, but this term, I have taken the Human Body unit to a different level, as I will start talking about changes using Mothers Little Helper and taking brid on a mother daughter journey into her growing up.
We started last week by praying the Rosary and then reading the first chapter. It was a very beautiful moment for me as Brids' mother. God has entrusted Her to me and this job I have will be done prayfully and with Gods' guidance.
Maths is a whole area we are getting through, but it is a hard and big job. It sometimes seems tedious. I have the new 6/5 to go into, but it looks like it will be a lot later than I thought we would be. I just need to be patient with Brid and encourage her.

So today we started all our studies and we worked very late, but we had a little bit of fun doing it to. Brid rode her bike, Lunched together, Daddy was home all day and I got yje bas done.
So after school Brid relaxed and got ready for Girl Guides while I vacuumed up the leaves around the back paved area.

Daddy went off to work and I took Brid to Guides.
I went for a very fast walk around the circuit Dermot & I use. That was my day Brids day and it was a big first day, but lots of fun as well.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

one year on

This is my Dad and Brid, he is very proud of her.
One year on and i have changed my approach to homeschooling yet again. I change it with Brid and our lifestyle in mind.

Brid has adapted and loves the new moves.

As we have moved in the last 9 weeks, we have of course had interruptions to our schooling. We found a good history unit study. history links. It has been our answer to headaches in getting all material I need for the next history program.

This last year we have addressed and enjoyed Astronomy, at the end of The Human Body and about to embark on Botany. I use readers as these topics will be covered as Brid gets older, in greater depth.

The human body will be used to bounce into Modesty and whats happening with your body now.

I have been recommended mothers little helper. its hard to find, but God will lead us to the right book for this discussion.

We are about to embark on 6/5 saxon maths. And wow has it been a journey of knowledge. Brid struggles with times tables, so we have built this drill into our day, at any time.

But what we have seen is an understanding andan interpretation of text beyond her years. Its been very obvious as we look back over the other children, at this time.

Her knowledge and understandinf and being able to defend her faith is amazing, so all in all its been a very good year academically.

We have had a huge year with family issues, and it has been very hard for Brid. I would love to have sheltered her from this, but it has been to hard, so Brid has had to be in the thick of it too.

I am actually very proud of how much she has grown and her maturity in dealing with this all. Its definitely been a God lifting her up. Praise you Lord.