Friday, 28 September 2012

A humble beginning ........

It was 9am and Dermot was determined to get to the airport early. 'Why' I say.?
He has been caught many times in all those Customs and Immigration lines. I knew we had pre-booked plane seats so I was a more layed back...
After a final check and a clean up of the house- I know a women thing to do, we put our 2 suitcases and 3 carry on bags into the hire car and off we drove, down the highway to Sydney international airport, excited and nervous...and yes we went straight through to 'No mans land' after we checked our bags in. We were in a long queue.! I had packed a couple of cut apples and water so we munched on them as we waited our turn- then it was time to dump the water and the fruit in the bins as we are not allowed to take anything on the planes from Australia.....and say Arriverderci to Australia for a few weeks.
Sitting in our seats we settled for our very very long flight to Rome via a 3 and a half hour stop over in  Hong Kong- at 2am Aussie time.!!! Not Fun, but part of international travel. A sleep- haha in the airport was how we spent our time in Hong Kong Airport- in between hearing the various announcements in both Chinese and English.
So a very weiry little family arrived in Rome. I wanted to freshen up, but before I knew it Dermot had navigated us out of Customs, so  before Brid and I knew it we were meeting the driver who would take us to our apartment. He spoke very little English, but that was Ok its all in the fun of it.
Dermot and I booked everything except the Airline tickets using online booking sites. It was stressful but fun, as we ticked off yet another city or town that we had booked..
We arrived at 7am, so by the time we cleared customs etc it was 8.30am. It was time to acclimatise ourselves. Ok Sunday morning, why am I so tired !!!!!. Our driver literally sped us to our accomodation, which we booked near the Piazza Navona. My favourite part of Rome. We looked outside the windows of the car to see the many ruins scattered through the streets of Rome. We said goodbye and thanked our driver, paid him, and as we were far to early to access our accomodation, we had a long breakfast at the local cafe'. Italian coffee, cakes, hot Chocolate and water, YUM...
So tired, but very excited to finally be here..

As I was familiar with this part of Rome after staying here in 05, with a group of teens and young adults from World Youth Day 05, I convinced Dermot it was OK to take our bags and have a look around. So 2 minutes walk away was The Piazza and I was finally taking my Sweetheart Dermot and our Brid to see it. I was excited to be doing this as a family.  

The gasp from Dermot was worth it all as we turned the corner. A huge square made of cobble stones, a fountain and the people just getting ready for the day, setting up stalls. A church or 2 in view. We took our bags with us and found out when the Sunday Mass times were. The Deacon was a little concerned about our bags but we reassured him and the Priest that  there was not a bomb in our bags and we were staying for Mass. This was there main concern.
Although Mass was in Italian, you know where the pauses are, where to respond- most of time. Where to say Our Father etc, etc.
We thanked the Priest and Deacon for letting us keep our bags in our view, and walked back to gain access to our apartment, along the cobble  stones and dodging the various motorbikes and cars along the way. It was now 12.30.
Now we could relax, have showers and put our feet up for a couple of hours.  

Thursday, 27 September 2012

So proud

As you are aware we have been away in Europe.. We had been gearing up to this for some time. Every time we came across a Saint or a new city we would put it on our list of areas to visit.
I suppose I shouldn't be surprised when our sweet Brid started sharing different snip its of information with us on each place we visited.
It wasn't just the population is this or something boringly similar, but interesting little bits of trivia. My highlight was when we were  in Pompeii  telling her Dad all about what happened and when we were at the Lourve, she came bursting up to me "Mum its the Paintings from "Art through Faith and the Seton Press books". Interacting quite confidently with The tour Guide to the not so well known Scarvi Tour- underneath the Vatican.
It is such a thrill to give Brid the books, internet sites and watch her absorb all that knowledge and reall it. This trip has only deepened her understanding and knowledge of our world.
Sorry to boast everyone,
The Louvre precint area
               BUT I am quite a proud Mummy. Isn't homeschooling great. No pressure she delved and learnt herself without exams or tests or deadlines

Friday, 21 September 2012


This has been a long awaited part of our journey for Brid. She wanted to see it more than Dermot & I, I will leave my opinion til we get home but these are part of what we will be seeing...We really have ended our Pilgrimage and are just sight seeing, apart from Notre Dame and possibly St Bernadette

The most famous site in the world -Eiffel Tower

The Paris Opera House - where the world famous Paris Ballet perform

Arc de Triomphe

Our visit would not be complete without Mass at Notre Dame ...

Saturday, 15 September 2012


As we prepared for our Holiday/ pilgrimage, we asked various Priests and friends where they would go in France and Italy.
We were a blank canvas at first..We build our trip arround these recommendations, inspired by the Holy Spirit to guide us.
We have been well guided.
A lovely Priest Friend, suggested we don't forget Lourdes. So we are there this weekend...
We don't know what to expect, but have been suggested to just go with the flow...Not plan it, so thats our plan to just be guided.

photos will follow.......


Friday, 14 September 2012

St Therese

Brids Confirmation Saint is St Therese and as we have been learning and discussing Saints we have been looking at where they lived and fiding them on google earth, reading there story and finally Brid will get to see where Therese lived.
We have been in contact with the family house, so I am hoping we get to view it today after Mass.

We drove in from Orly airport, the other side of was an interesting drive so say the least. More about that when we get home....

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Goodbye Italy...

We have been driving all the way around Italy from Rome to Sorrento to Assisi, dropping into various places for a short visit and are about to hand in our car in favour of a Gondola..!!!! Its been an experience, but a journey and an adventure.

So next post we leave Italy and head to France...on a connecting airplane and our Pilgrimage continues...


Sunday, 9 September 2012


When I was on WYD 05 pilgrimage with one of our children, we visited Assisi...I loved it and couldn't wait to take Dermot back...

                                     So we will be seeing These 2 sights of many others.

Brid has her clothing organised as the clothing requirements are quite strict and in some places they ask for head coverings..
She will have no trouble with her style of modesty..


Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Wedding Anniversary- 25years

Dermot & I celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary today, on the Feast day of Mother Teresa.
It was 25 years ago We said I Do and promised to love each other forever, and it is on this day we celebrate this at the Vatican.
So surreal, its been years in the planning. Finally its happening.....

Dermot asked me to Marry him bent on one knee with a Red Rose ready and waiting, on Christmas Day 1986.

We were married at St Philips Catholic Church, Kotara.
It was a beautiful day, but it has only the beginning. Its the years that follow that are where all the nuturing and loving and caring for each other really take place.


Monday, 3 September 2012


As we journey along we have added scheduled posts so you can come with us..I will give a better post about it all when we get back, until then enjoy.....

Saturday, 1 September 2012

flying away....

Please pray for us today as we begin our very exciting long planned trip to Italy and France.
We originally had Italy in mind, but Brid wanted to visit a couple of places in France, so its on the agenda too.....
Yeah..Its very exciting...
I will try and blog as we go about...our travels...

As we are away from WIFI and any internet access, I will be unable to respond to any comments. I will respond when we return..