Thursday, 25 September 2014

What's in a name change

What an adventure.
I'll nearly have to rename my blog soon. I can't keep it as A Catholic homeschooling Family, when we aren't homeschooling in a few weeks.
I'll have to think of a new name.
How has your year been.
I can't believe its near the end of September.
Brid has 2 weeks off dancing, but I have insisted she continue her school work.
And I why is that you ask?
We took a few weeks off to explore UK and Europe, in August. As she is so close to completing her assigned books, I asked her to continue studying through the holidays.

So what shall I name my Blog. Maybe something as simple as Our Adventures as a Australian Catholic family. 
Hmm not sure. Will get back to you on that one.

Monday, 15 September 2014


Well what a journey we have had over the past few months.
such a rollercoaster.
half way through Term 2- June, this year, Brid got quite unwell. we couldn't figure it out.
We knew it wasn't stamina, or endurance, so we were perplexed.
She pretty well just stopped.
She had terrible headaches and dizziness.
My own  research just wasn't showing up consistent information.
So we just had to rely on God and his timing as always.
She tried very hard to continue with her hours at ballet, but it was useless.
She couldn't do any school work,or activities. She lay on the lounge most days, not able to do anything but sleep.
Apart from the usual visit to the Doctor, we also sort assistance from our homeopath. Long slow process. Very hadr for me as a mother.
As Brid got better, she could watch movies, and she was still keen to learn, so we turned to movies, dvds as teaching tools.
We had an old copy of the Human Body and as we were studying it this year, I suggested she watch it.
It opened up so many discussions and helped us brooch topics that were a little hard to discuss.
It was a very useful time. a new learning time and a lesson in trusting God completely. He knew what he was doing. We didn't.
A few months on and Brids back to Ballet and to her 20+ hours a week.
She's stronger, fitter and more savvy to how she ticks.