Saturday, 25 June 2011

I often wondered......weekly happenings....

I often wondered if I wrote down our weekly happenings, how it would look.
So here I go.
Monday was our piano lesson day , brid really loves her teacher. This day also saw me head out to a talk given by an Opus Dei Priest. He drives 2 hours to give us ladies a talk and then give a  men’s talk later that evening, on the way home.  I enjoy his talks. It was a cold night, but a lovely warm home, to listen to Fr, was such a treat. Before I left for my early evening talk, I made dinner for us all in the slow cooker, so we could each take it out as we needed to.
Brid also had Girl Guides and they were having a High Society Ball theme. I had to leave this up to Brid and Dermot to sort out as I was at my talk. When I arrived home she looked rather elegant. So, I know she dressed appropriately. Why did I worry.
Tuesday saw us continuing our journey of poetry with another lovely homeschooling family . It can be quite intense, but Brid & I take a relaxed view. We just enjoy the company and learning the new Tropes and Brid has written some wonderful poems, using meters & rhythm. She will be reciting one next week, at our Annual Homeschooling Poetry Recital. We spoilt our friends by making morning tea and having Pumpkin soup ready for lunch.
This week we have seen the yard get dug up by the plumber. We had quite a flood here in all the rains. So various plans were made to drain it more successfully. We now need to wait for the grass to grow over the tredges. This was also a day we had afternoon tea with our eldest at her home. We baked scones and chatted for hours. Leaving long after dark.
Thursday, was a stay at home day, and saw us delve  into a few good history books.  It was a relaxing day. In the evening, we asked gods protection on Dermot as he travels to darts and back. The team won, he was home early. Well done boys.
Friday, was a quick Maths lesson and out to a friends for a homemaking party. While I chatted with the host and the other ladies, Brid busied herself clearing there littlest daughters room. Then home for a few hours before Classical Ballet. The fire blazed and kept us cosy in the evening.
Today, Brid & I pray for Dermot as he attends a men’s retreat. We are enjoying a weekend of quite and relaxation ourselves. That’s it from us.  How was your week?


  1. That seems like a very interesting and varied week, Leanne and Brid:) Ours was a bit of a craft and reading week - no huge milestones but happy plodding, instead. Enjoy your quiet weekend - it sounds blissful:)

  2. Thanks Vicki, It was a varied week, but I think most weeks are, aren't they..Since following our interests and stepping outside curricula its been much more relaxing..we are enjoying a quite weekend.

  3. Leanne, I didn't know Brid learns classical ballet. Did you say she's given up Irish dancing for a while? So many interesting things you are all involved in.

    We've just had a stay at home week, very unusual for us. A few things were cancelled and I really enjoyed not having to go out each day but spend more time reading and writing and just relaxing. And now it is the holidays. No filling out the records book for two weeks! God bless.

  4. Sue Yes Brid does classical Ballet. She has been learning for a number of years, but has really taken to it since we moved and hence changed ballet schools.
    yeah school hols....