Wednesday, 1 June 2011


Louise is nearly completed her Teaching degree. It hasn't been an easy journey.
Louise was educated in the Catholic school system here in NSW. She was always a bright student, but something changed after her trip to the UK christmas,  2003/4. She became very quite and did not enjoy her last high school year at all. She still had one more year to complete her secondary studies. She asked to leave school, and we said yes, as long as she got an Apprenticeship. But where. She was very good at Food Technology and really enjoyed the work experience placement earlier in the year, so she applied for 2 positions and got both. Good on her.
It was extremely long hours, and a large amount of verbal abuse from staff members. Not the environment that I wanted my daughter. We were unaware of this type of behaviour before we signed her indentures.
In 2006, Louise took the large step into University. Dermot wanted her to finish it her Chef Certificate, I was delighted with her decision and couldn't wait to get her out of that environment.
She started  a program for students who had not achieved well or not attempted the last secondary exam, in NSW called Higher School Certificate. The course she was to take is New Step.
She undertook this course as a mature age student and a goal in mind. Therefore, she gained excellent results. Her end of year result was over and above what she needed to be accepted by the university for the teaching degree.
Louise moved out of home before this as well, which put enormous strain on her, we helped out where we could and always provided financial and any type of support she needed.
Louise excelled at every subject and if she didn't understand an area she made it her business to gain that knowledge.She will be completely fiished this degree this year, and is looking at furthering her studies in various areas she is being called too.
She will take 6 extra months to complete her degree due to various family and health issues. She has been quite driven and determined. But thats always been our Louise. So the girl we saw in 2004 was not the girl we knew, so we knew she was unhappy.  It did all come out years later and in a much more mature way.
Louise & Brid
We are so very proud of Louise  and know that she will be a great asset to any school that accepts her into there staff.    


  1. Hi Leanne, thank you for this link in your email this morning. It's funny - I found this blog on my own last night! I saw the link in the side bar of your other blog.

    Such wonderful news about Louise. Our children don't always follow the pathway we'd like them to, the one we feel is the best for them. But they get there in the end in their own time, or perhaps God's time.

  2. Yes Sue, Gods time not ours. Thanks for coming by.

  3. You must be so proud of Louise, Leanne. My eldest daughter, Megan, is also studying teaching - she's in her third year at Notre Dame. By the way, her middle name is Louise!
    I can't wait to see what you do with your new homeschooling blog:)

  4. Thank you Vicki, Yes we are proud of here. Louise is such a pretty name- your Blessed Megan.You should blog on Megan.!I have lots of ideas for this blog.