Thursday, 9 June 2011

Pentecost craft

The last couple of weeks we have been working on a couple of liturgical crafts. We firstly worked on our Ascension craft. We made a very similar craft to Catholic Icing, but we have made it last the whole month of June.
 Pentecost is coming. We are doing a craft of our own.We made Beeswax candles with a friend last week. Seven candles in total.Not Quite enough for the Fruits of the Spirit, so we chose to focus on Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Humility, Self Control, Hope. We then hunted around and found some little glasses to place them in.
As we placed them in the glasses, we decided they looked a little plain. A red paper bag was found, cut up and wrapped  around the outside of the glass, secured with tape.
Next Brid and I brainstormed how we would highlight each fruit of the Spirit.
We decided on white hearts with Red letters.

 So here is the finished product and it looks really good.
what are you doing for Pentecost?


  1. They look really beautiful, Leanne, with their deep, red colour. I love looking at other people's creative projects:)
    I'm afraid we're not nearly as organized for Pentecost here. At this stage, with a demanding 18 month old, we'll just be happy to make it to Mass on time!

  2. Thanks Vicki, It has been a little lean on the liturgical year crafts and celebrations this year, so we began making an effort, its seems to have flowed. It hard when you have lots of littlies to try and entertain as well- 18months is sch a busy stage. but adorable

  3. Hi Leanne. Sophie is learning about the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit at the moment. She is being confirmed next month!

  4. ooooh how exciting for Sophie.. It was a fun time preparing Brid for her Sacraments