Tuesday, 14 August 2012

One focused girl

Its been like a flash and the term in half over..Where did it go..??
Brid is amazingly focused on her school subjects.
She knows exactly what needs doing and just gets on with it..
It does help that her life is full with BALLET..
She dances 4 days a week..She loves it..
Over the last few weeks the entire Ballet school has been preparing for there Exams-both practical and theory..
Brids teachers are extremely proud of her and as Mr Rider said last Friday. "My work is complete, I can do no more, she will be fine", he says this in his Orlando accent. He is rather cheeky and very fair with the students. His Wife Miss Kristy is adorable and is the most beautiful dancer I have met, so soft and gentle in her tone as well.

This weekend just gone the Students were examined. Each level one at a time.
We got positive feedback straight away. And why you ask..Miss Kristys' mum was in charge of the music..She got to see each student perform there routines.
The examiner liked Brid and we were told she danced beautifully.

So now to begin work on her next grade and prepare for the end of year concert...


I somehow believe that Brid is so focused because she is rather happy in her chosen world of Ballet. She can express herself extend herself.

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