Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Olympic Game memories

Sitting here tonight watching the Olympics takes me back..to so many other Olympics games I have seen and the ones I have shared with my own family..

I remember being so sick, with Pneumonia at one Olympic games and sitting for the entire, actually lying in bed, 2 weeks watching the Olympics. I was asked by my teacher to do a poster on the Olympics. I was so sick, I don't know why we did it, because Mum really did all the research..( that year I spent 3 months in bed, and did several projects).
I remember the Sydney Olympics. We chose our events 6 months beforehand in a rather fair ballot..everyone was to abide by the rules...So we put our names in a ballot -like thousands of other people- and we were selected for the exact event we wanted. Not only that, but the exact night and right on the finish line...WOW wow wow. I still thank God for that one. We took our three eldest to see the Track and field events. It was finals night.......It was the night Cathy Freemen won Gold. The night Michael Johnson won Gold. Sonia O'Sullivan from Ireland came 2nd in the 1500 metres. We saw in all from the finish line- mind you the seats were very very high up, but the atmosphere was electric........It was an awesome night. We coloured our hair green and gold. We had face paint on and wore our as much Green and Gold as we could. Maybe we were ''going for ''Australia...!!!!!!!!
It was a long night and it was not so warm, but it will always stick in my memory as an awesome God given night.. 
I remember other Olympic games being at Work in Delivery Suite watching the events with other colleagues. The big races with Kieran Perkins, Susie O'Neil, Hayley Lewis, Melinda Gainsford Smith, to name just a few at the Barcelona Olympics.
Swimming was my favourite event, Dermot likes the Athletics. Brid seems to enjoy the Equestrian event, the canoeing, Swimming and Diving.
Beijing olympics.
We have in the past asked the children to keep a log of there favourite sport and keep an eye on the medal tally.
We have assigned Brid projects and lapbooks, but this time we are just watching the Olympics. We are recording it every evening  and Brid gets to watch it the next day. she fast forwards through sections she isn't to keen on and focus her what she wants to view..
So far its been fun...
What are you doing for the Olympic Games in London 2012..?


  1. Leanne,

    What great memories!

    I won't forget the Sydney Olympics. I was so sick - morning, or rather, all day sickness. I was pregnant with Sophie. The Olympics distracted me from my misery. I wasn't really miserable though. I was so happy to be pregnant again after losing Thomas.

    We are doing the same as you: recording the night's events, fast forwarding through the less interesting bits and enjoying the rest.

    I would have loved to have been in your seat at the stadium to see the track and field finals. Truly you were blessed!

    The girls are enjoying the swimming, the gymnastics and the diving, but there's still the running to come!

    1. Hi Sue,

      Thanks for dropping by..one thing I didn't say in my post was that as we climbed the many many steps to our seats at 2000 olympics, when I turned around and saw where we were, I just couldn't help myself Thank God....I know we were Blessed on that evening.
      It is such a good way, to tape the night before. Its been quite an experience for us all.