Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Encouragement night for July

On a cold winter night there was nothing I wanted more than to spend it in front of our fire, but there is more to life than a cosy fire.. So I prepared Dinner early and afterwards took Brid and myself off to the teen girls night and the Mums encouragement night.
I was presenting a talk tonight on Marriage and its effects on homeschooling. I myself could only see positive results from Homeschooling so I chose a different approach.
After a quick introduction about myself and Dermot, our journey to meet each other and our love for each other I began my main focus..
Did I tell you I had forgotten my glasses-, so Michelle kindly found me a magnifying glass and I presented everything with one eye closed to see the page properly. It did look hysterical...
Anyway, I chose to present a set of notes that are part of the 'follow on' after a marriage weekend. I was most comfortable talking like this as its been second nature to Dermot and I, as we have used this format for 10 years or more.
I asked each of the ladies read a paragraph each, taking turns around the circle. We discussed various points and wrote a love letter to our husbands.
These women are wonderful women of God and I wondered how I would fel presenting content that is Catholic, but I felt totally at ease using this particular method with them. I chose a fairly broad topic, as it is meant to be in a couple setting, with your spouse present at the time. I let God help me chose from the many topics that are available. The one I focused on was You are the Message. All about self esteem and esteemimg your husband.
It was so easy to get distracted and discuss the children, but it was there husbands and there relationship we were focusing on this night.
I was quite fired up anyway, as Dermot & I had just been to the relaunch of celebrate love to Smart  Loving. Its platform is quite impressive. There is something there for everyone. Single, dating, engaged, married, a family, schools. Its idea is to have bite size pieces of information to view as often or little as you like - dip you toe in, or immerse yourself entirely. The ultimate or the gold standard is for the couple to do Smart loving Engaged   or Smart Loving Marriage.
So when it came to the Homeschooling Mums encouragement night, it was a very simple choice. Use a resource I am familiar with and reach out using it. Thank ladies for accomodating me and asking me to talk on marriage
Now, I know the teen girls met, but that's there story to tell. I know for certain that it was one very powerful meeting... Praise God in his Glory......

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