Tuesday, 17 July 2012

time flies

Brid Aged 7
Gosh, time flies, I remember excitedly beginning our homeschool journey. I remember those days sitting with Brid as she learnt to add, her subtract, her first division equation, her spelling and all those days snuggled up reading to her..her drawings she would give me once the story was read...Wow, and now......I have been drawing up a timeline of Brids' schooling...I began by writing the year along the top line, her age in the next line, at each year, her ballet syllabus level, and then began with each subject and the core unit I wanted her to achieve for the next few years.
As we approached year 12 the subjects began to get fewer and fewer- but by no means less chunky in content..
You see Brid wants to study Full time Ballet in a couple of years and this will mean her acadaemic subjects will need to be reduced to fit it all in. Full time ballet comes with its own written content.
I proudly arranged the timeline and proceeded to explain the facts to Dermot. He was surprised that her schooling subjects were fewer than they are now..
So this concerned me. I started to doubt myself. We are trying, as many of us are, to set her up for University entry as well, if she wishes.
It ran around my head for a day, not really getting any clearer, so I rang a trusted friend and explained my doubts. She of course, immediately boosted my confidence and  grounded me again in what I am trying to set out to do with Brid's education.
I ask God for guidance every day. Ask for his Wisdom. So why did I let it bother me? Probably just wanting the best for Brid. For me, wanting to make sure she has been equipped with both the academics, as well as the areas thar make up her character and drive her.
Now I have a very clear understanding of what Brids schooling day will look like. But we still read aloud and I am still needed to help with Maths and anything she is unsure of..

Now aged 14
Did I tell you I am loving this life we have chosen. Its a great joy and I learn so much each day myself...I thank God every day....

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