Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Embroidery & ballet

When I was younger I was taught to embroider from  the women in my family. I would embroider doilies and dressing table sets. It was exciting to look for a new set to make. I still have many.
This skill was encouraged by the Textiles and design teachers at high school, when I was a student, long ago.

So this leads me to my new venture......
Over the last few months I have been spending many hours in the waiting room at Brid’s Ballet studio. Its too far to come back home and there are only so many shops to look at..

I usually have an errand list for those days, but this doesn’t require  much time.
Well I had a huge list of things that I needed to do in this time. Reports, marking, planning. There is only so much of that you can do, isn’t there.

I have stumbled upon a lovely way to spend the time...I have been sewing. Using my embroidery skills and creating a variety of different bags to be used for an assortment of items including, Ballet shoes, e book readers  to name a few.
Its been pretty easy to do this.
We have plenty of scraps in a material box.
Firstly, I select appropriate colours and match the embroidery thread to the material. The first couple I machine stitched and then embroidered. But now I am hand stitching the entire bag. Its much more satisfying.
I have also branched out and I am creating a bag to carry my array of items needed for a few hours waiting.

I was inspired by Miss Kristys’ bag. “Where did you get that one?”, I asked. “USA, while I lived there.” Was her answer. “Oh ...
I really admired her bag and I kept pondering it. An idea popped into my head. How about I make one.

So now this is where the thinking cap comes on...
I don’t use templates just a rough idea in my head.. Right now I am embroidering some detail to the fabric before stitching it all together.

Its been quite enjoyable. I am learning not to rush things and just be at peace with each project.  So let me show you some of the finished bags.


  1. They're beautiful, Leanne! I love what you say about not rushing and being at peace about your projects - that works so well for me, too.

    I've been itching to find time for more sewing. I have a vision of filling the house with handmade tablecloths, quilts and cushions, etc. I can understand about hand sewing being relaxing and enjoyable. One of the reasons I bought a treadle sewing machine was to slow down and be able to enjoy sewing more peacefully.

    Thanks for the inspiration, Leanne.
    God bless:-)

    1. Thanks Vicki, I love embroidering. Machine sewing is so quick, but to hand sew, you can really put yourself into it. When I find myself rushing the stitches, I remind myself to slow down.
      I like to let the embroidery just unfold and not be too planned.
      Thanks for dropping by Vicki,
      God Bless you