Friday, 9 September 2011

Homeschool resource / book meme:

How Blessed am I. I was tagged twice within a day by two lovely friends Michelle & Erin.So here I go...

 1.One homeschool book you have enjoyed.
There have been many books I have enjoyed. ....  

Suzie Andres- A Little Way of Homeschooling: and then her other book  Homeschooling with gentleness.... Thank you Sue and Leonie for lending me these books. Now I really would like to have these books as resources.

A Mothers Rule of life.. holly Pierlot. Thanks Tricia for lending me this one, all those many years ago.  

2. One book/ resource I wouldn’t be without.
Now thats a hard one..
My Blogging Friends
Home Ed community
Google search.
4 real community  and on this email list group

3. One resource you wish you never purchased
I would say the general Science Apologia. I got rid of it quick smart.
Well trained mind was a necessary read to decide I wasn’t that type of teacher and it  wouldn’t suit our learning style.

 4 One resource you enjoyed last year
Geography- Physical GeographyBrenda Runkle. I love Geography, and we have always looked at Geography but this book took us into a lot more depth. Brid thoroughly enjoyed it.

 5 One resource you will be using next year.
Now thats too hard.
The library, book depository if they are considered resources. Of course they are

Elizabeth Foss'- Literature for Young ladies ideas. We are really enjoying this collection of books.

6 One resource you would like to purchase.
A year with a Novel. We have seen it, We have it to look at. So I have touched and looked at the content. But now will we really use it to its potential.?? Brid really likes it.
An ipad and a ebook reader- its on the list.

7 One resource you wish existed.
I like  Erins suggestion a Junior Didache’. 

But for me.. its not until I see a need that I realise we do need it. Like the list of books for Women of History unit we are doing.

 8 One homeschool catalogue you enjoy reading?

I could say Bethlehem books. – but I rarely use homeschool resources catalogues because my resources are my like minded friends, and brainstorming with them.

9 one homeschool website you use regularly.
Our Blogs
Our hunter home ed board.
4 real learning community.
Occasionally Aussie homeschool board

10 Tag 6 other homeschoolers.
Joyfilled families

I would really love to read your responses. Come join in the fun.....


  1. Thanks for the tag... Replying this weekend!

  2. Hi Leanne,

    I can see Suzie's books on both our lists!

    I enjoyed looking through your resources. I will have to follow up a couple of them.

    And we tagged different homeschoolers! That was remarkable considering we have lots of friends in common.

    Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  3. Hi Sue,
    I had a couple of the same blogging friends as you, but I changed them when I saw we had the same ones tagged, so thats why some are different.
    Now to see you replies.

    God Bless,

  4. Hi Leanne,
    I felt similar about the Well Trained Mind and I quite like the Apologia zoology 1 book but I am starting to feel it is a bit textbooks rather than a living book style. So I am undecided about that resource. I think it might be a textbook wrapped up in a living book hype about it,mmmmmmmmI think it might get dropped altogether bit there are definitely wonderful parts within it, pretty sure I won't be purchasing any more.
    Talk soon, warmest wishes, Renelle

  5. Hi renelle
    I like the younger series of apologia. Brid just read them through and made notes where she wanted to, but I won't be purchasing them. still trying to find a good science will appear when we need it....

  6. I really like Nature Study for Science and think its suitable for all ages, I love it myself. I am learning so much about native bush flowers, insects and small animals in the bush atm, something I haven't paid enough attention to growing up. I find it exciting when I see a bush orchid growing in the middle of our paddock/yard!

  7. Yours is a really interesting list, Leanne. I was tempted to buy The Well-Trained Mind, a couple of years ago, but, I never did as I had a suspicion that I would be intimidated by it. I'm glad I didn't, now, as we've gone down a totally different path:)

  8. Yes Vicki,
    I purchased well trained mind and felt overwhelmed myself. I purchased laura berquists Classical Curriculum book,used it as a reference and then realised I was on a different path altogether. Thanks for dropping by. Leanne

  9. Thanks for sharing.I've never even heard of your favourite books. I must have a read if you have any to loan.

  10. Leanne
    Tricky, I missed your post here, was waiting at OLT&R, lol. Fascinated to read your replies. Gee you have really got me wanting to read Little Way. Hoping, hoping I'll win Sue's draw, otherwise I may just buy it:)

  11. hi my friend Erin,
    Me the Little ways. You will just have to download it onto an ebook reader- when you get one, that way you will always have a copy. I hope you win the draw.
    God Bless Leanne