Wednesday, 3 April 2013

C is for

Another interesting one.
It could be anything really.
It could be for our Cat, Bailey and Our Rabbit Cinnamon.
Well how about both.
We have 2 lovely little furry friends.
Bailey our Cat and Cinnamon our Rabbit.
Bailey is 9. He sleeps lots of the day. He is adorable. He is a tabby. He was bought for our eldest daughter Louise. She decided to leave him here with us, when she moved out, as we were all attached to him anyway.
He gets pestered by naughty miner birds who seem to think they can squeal and try and pek him.
I get very defensive and will shoo them away. He is only sitting on the chairs asleep.
He is a very polite well trained Cat. When he was very young Louise trained him to sit for his food. He sits completely, tail down and puts his paw out to be shaken. He then eats his food. After he has eaten breakfast we let him out for the day.
He likes his little home in our laundry, but he hates the sound of the dryer-this is hardly used anymore,  and the washing machine. It did restrict when I could wash, but as he has a little seat in the family room next to the fire, he just lies there until the noises have stopped.
So you now know a lot about our little Bailey.
Did you know that when we moved to this house we kept him inside for a few weeks. We set up a bed, his litter and his food/water area in the laundry and he stayed there until he was comfortable enough to move and roam through the house.
He can be a little fragile- I say with my tongue firmly in cheek. whoosy. I would say.
When we moved here, he started loosing fur and shaking. I took him up to vet, to have him checked out. They suggested he stay in a small cosy room so he can readjust to his surroundings. Exactly what I had been doing.
I was being told, by other extended family members that it was cruel to keep him in the laundry.
I was doing the right thing all along.
We very slowly introduced him to the outside world.
I was very scared that he would run away as I had that experience from my childhood with my Cat.
So Bailey is now very well adjusted to our house and its surrounds. Everyday he does his "patrol of the Property".
I look back on photos of Bailey when he was tiny and think how adorable. He is now 9 and in cat years, thats 63.. He sleeps for 20 hours or more a day and is getting rather heavy. He isn't overfed, but older cats can put on weight easily.
In the past, when we would go away on holidays we have him boarded  in a kennel. He wasn't very happy when he came home and it took days to readjust. He wasn't a happy cat. Now we put him in our garage. It has a window, a ledge to sit on, and a screened backdoor. He has plenty of room to roam and sleep. A little lonely, but he is used to the surroundings, the smells, the noises. Our neighbour checks on him and feeds him. But once we are home, he follows us and talks to us for days. He won't leave our sides. He is particularly attached to Dermot.
There is so much to tell you about Bailey. One more little story, most cats won't go near water. We have a pool,  if I am sitting by the pool, and call him, he just squeezes himself under the pool gate and waddles over to me. He makes sure there is no water on the pavers and then will sit with me. So cute and adorable.
I have run out of room to tell you about Cinnamon. So thats for another post.
Brid and Bailey.

The pool was very close, he was very tentative- he is with Kieran


So Cute


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