Saturday, 6 April 2013

Free to educate...

Recently, I was chatting a Mum.about educating our children.
She was telling me about school kids just studying for the Test.
This started me thinking, we have been free to Educate Brid just the way that suits us. No studying for just a test. We have educated her to learn and to enjoy learning.
What a concept.
The best example of this would be history. Brid has been formally and informally studying history since she could read.
We have used so many fun ways of learning history.
We haven't timelined either. She has put it all together with a little help from me. I tried timelining, it just wasn't for us.
At present Brid is reading US History using Seton Press. It has a chapter of reading and questions to answer. I didn't want to bog her down with lots of writing.  I asked her to write answers to 4 questions, not the 10 or so they suggested. If there is something of interest she reads it out to me and we discuss it and at times she will research it further.
Catechism is the same. She reads the chapter and with answers in my hand, we sit and discuss the questions. Its been a lot of fun,.
I know that this way of learning suits us well.
I have taken the pressure off and Brid has wonderful general knowledge. And afterall isn't that what we want.
Brid loves Ballet as you know and there isn't a day that goes by that she is either listening to, You Tubing a dance routine or choreographing a new 'variation' of a Ballet. She looks up various dancers, ballets and knows so much about them. Thats how you learn.
 F is for Freedom to educate Brid  as she desires, and as we know works for us..



  1. This is the best thing about homeschooling, I think, Leanne. Freedom to make our own choices - big and little. It sounds as though Brid has had a lot of freedom to follow her passions. It's inspiring to hear how well your homeschooling is going:-)

    God bless, Leanne:-)

    1. Hi Vicki,
      Yes it a Blessing the way we educate our children. For a lomg time I tried to put our style into a box. I can'y because its specificly tailored to our needs.
      God Bless you on this Feast day of the Divine Mercy