Friday, 5 April 2013

E is for Easter.....

Ok, this one is Easy.

What did you get up to this Easter? How did you celebrate it?
Well we headed to Cataract Park in Appin to a Easter Youth Pilgrimage. Light to the Nations.
It follows the Triduum from Holy Thursday to Easter Sunday.
There were around 800 people booked on the weekend. Pilgrims were accomodated in either tents, cabins dormitories or stayed overnight offsite.
It has been held at Galong near Yass for the last 16 or so years. This year was the first year at Appin.
So we packed our car and headed to first, our accomodation, unpacked and then to meet friends new and old at the venue.
It began to sprinkle.. I am sure pleased I kept the rain jackets in our car. I looked at the umbrella and decided against it. It was there if we needed it.
So we headed off to register and line up for dinner- a sausage sandwich. A lovely catch up with many friends and into the massive circus tent to begin the liturgy in three parts.
We met our 9 Priests, many brothers and religious sisters. Wow. It felt really special and I knew it was going to be a wonderful Blessed weekend.
The music was just beautiful, Fr Bonny had spent weeks preparing the liturgy. Wow. He is so Amaziing. Every detail. Everything youwould expect from any usual Holy Thursday in your local church.
Our journey had begun..........

So the Easter  Triduum had begun......


  1. Sounds like you had a very special Easter, Leanne! We stayed home but were very involved with the music and readings for the Triduum in our parish. We have four choir members and Imogen also sang the psalms at the Easter Vigil. Callum's girlfriend received First Holy Communion and was confirmed that night. Five other adults entered the Church. A wonderful celebration!

  2. Wow, I think every Easter is special. You sounded like you were quite busy with Liturgy preparation and a reception into the Church. Very special...God Bless you