Thursday, 4 April 2013

The dining table

Finally caught up.
today is D day.
I sat with brid and we mused over what I might blog about.
Dinners., the dining table..was the conclusion...
You might think, what a weird topic to blog about.
I assure you its not.
How our meal times change.
When we were first married we had a makeshift table. The table wobbled, so all drinks needs to go on the floor, or else risk having them spilt.
We got given my parents dining table at one point. It was stable and we were able to share many a meal using this table. When we built our home, we bought our first dining table. Its the one we still have and many memories have been collected around that table. If only it could talk.
When the children were little we would have our meals very early to accomodate them.
We sat with children on our knees, Breastfeeding babies at the table or holding babies was the norm.
I never thought we'd get rid of the high chair. at one point, we thought we'd need 2. At another point we almost needed a new one.
Meal times have always been very important part of the day for us. We would always gather to pray and eat as a fsmly. It would be our daily catch up. A time to share or discuss something important.
When visitors were eatung with us, they soon learnt pray first, then eat.
Meals with visitors can take hours, as we share a conversation. Children playing by our feet or in the next room.
dinner time is a family time. We used take the phone off the hook and we have always turned the TV off.
As our children grew up, our meal times and together time was 6.30 at the latest unless we had a child at sport.
As our family has gotten smaller we have kept to our routines and adapted where we needed to.
Now its changed yet again. We sometimes have our evening meal quite late. 8-8.30pm.
Wednesday is a sacred night, so we usually have something really special. A roast meal of some description.
The changes we have needed to make to our evening meal times, with Brids ballet have been just another change in the journey of family.
I suppose ther will be more changes to come, but we are savouring these moments together. We often get into lots of interesting conversations together. Friendly banter.
The Dinner table is really the heart of the home. Its where we break Bread and be serve as Jesus served. Its Eucharist, Its communion, Its family, Sacred and wrapped up into one



  1. Leanne,

    "The Dinner table is really the heart of the home." I agree! So many special moments around the table eating and chatting and sharing.

    God bless!

    1. Yes sue. Thanks for dropping by. It's been quite a challenge to blog again. It's been fun using the alphabet.
      God Bless