Monday, 8 April 2013

The Great game

My Dad and Dermot have a special little bomd. They both enjoy going to see the football team, The Knights..
They meet up at the Home stadium before the main game to watch the juniors and the reserve grade.
Its there thing, and I encourage it.
Dermot doesn't have any family here, so its kinda nice that my Dad and Dermot enjoy the Great game of rugby league together
When Dermot arrived in Australia, back in 1987 the Knights where just about to form there national team.
Dad asked Dermot, " What team will you support?"
The answer " I suppose I will support the local team".
So from then on .........
Dermot and Dad got memberships, jerseys and the like and sat together on the ground on in the grandstand to watch there team.
There was a wane in interest with my Dad after a few years, but Dermot would attend every game, some in the rain.
When the kids were little he would take them with him in there Knights gear to see the Game. It was an exciting day for all. They would sit on the hill and watch the game.
We even had a Footy tipping competition. That was fun. There was enough of us. Dermot would write out the draw on a sheet of paper and everyone would fill theres in and we would be given points for the teams we had marked down, that won each round. The Kids played for a book gift voucher. So every year we would hand out a winning book voucher to the winner of the comp...
A couple of years ago,  Dermot and Dad bought Grand stand season passes.
So now every game they get together at there seats and watch the beloved Knights play the opposing team My Dad takes a packed lunch, dinner  or afternoon tea for them both. Its a great way for them to spend a few hours.

Do you have a sport you follow. ?

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