Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Its a safe place

I began thinking about this post a few days ago...the letter H... ummm.
The one word that comes to my mind is


Others are humility, helpness, but every word I think of has the word home in it.
working at Home
Home Mass

Why is home such a warm word for me. It my peace, its my private place, the real place where I can be me and my family can be just as they want to be. Warts and all.
Its where we learn, Its where we are safe, its where life begins.
I suppose this brings me to why our home is sacred.
We live in such a fallen world and there is a lot of destruction in the world. At home we as a family counter that. We are able to sooth each other and talk issues out.
There is a real sense of peace in our home. Even when tensions rise, its a nice cosy safe place to be.
Its where our Church begins.
Our Domestic Church.
Dermot & I have on many occasions opened our home  to church groups, to Lenten Groups, to talks from various Priests, to meals with Priests, marriage groups, to youth Groups, and Home Mass.
Its a beautiful think to do, to open our home to Community and live the lives of Jesus' disciples, by saying YES to his prompting.
I love the safeness of our home, and if it is violated I feel very uneasy and threatened. 
I like to keep the world out and allow us to be strength and growth for each other.

We have been Blessed enough to have birth 3 of our children at home. This is inself is special. Tiny babies born in our home, no bright lights, no busyness, just peace and working it out ourselves. Our children waking up to a new little life. Special times.
Our life is at home.
Dermot has always worked from home. Its his workplace. His safe place. He still goes into the world and shines his light at the workplaces of clients. He doesn't hide it under a bush.
None of us do, We are asked to be wirnesses to the world and its the safety and serenity of our home that gives us strength.

Tell me about your Home?


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