Friday, 26 April 2013


Roses would have to be my favourite flower. They remind me of my Grandmother and Our Lady..
We planted our first rose garden in our first home many years ago.
We visited the nursery and selected Roses, Camellias and Azaleas. All my favourites..
We had been watching a program on TV called 'Burkes Backyard'. He had a special segment on Roses and disease resistant Roses.
From this segment we wrote down the names of each Rose we liked, if it had a fragrance and if it was was disease resistant.
Before watvhing the program, I had in mind several I liked, but they wouldn't be the ones we would be planting in our gardens.

I thought you may like to know which ones we like to plant. so the names of these roses are :-

Reds- Mr Lincoln.
mr lincoln

Pink tone - double delight, Princess de Monaco.
princess de monaco 

double delight

Yellow / Apricot- Joey.


We have added a few others since. Namely John Paul II- Beautifully white and Mother Daughter, is a lovely aroma and a pretty strong yellow.

At present we are in the process of building a rose garden- planning stage only.... We will be planting each of these roses shown above, as well as small border plants.
 At present all our rose are in pots, and doing beautifully...Many people suggest Roses are hard to look after.
We would only have a few tips.
1. prune lightly in February and a complete prune in June.
2. spray for thrip or blackspot as necessary.
3. cut the blooms to enjoy them in your home.
4. water arround the plant, not on them- reducing black spot...
5. Enjoy..
Hope you enjoyed viewing at our selection.

 What Plants are your favourite?



  1. Leanne,

    I'd love a John Paul II white rose! Did you hear a second miracle has been approved, opening up the way for his canonisation? I'm sure you have!

    I'm not a very good gardener but somehow I manage to keep roses alive. They must be very hardy! They're my favourite flower too.

    1. Hi Sue,
      Nice to hear from you, and thanks for dropping by.
      I hadn't heard about John Paul II second miracle..But I suppose, I have already aquainted him as a Saint, but this news has lifted my spirit, thanks.
      Did you attend Homeschool camp as a day visitor?

  2. Hi Leanne,

    Roses are my favourite, too. We have several Mr. Lincoln's in our garden and also a Mother Daughter bush. Another tip that works for us is to deadhead regularly - we get a lot more blooms when we do.

    God bless, Leanne:-)

    1. Oh yes Vicki, I completely forgot about Dead heading..Its my way of looking the plants over and giving them that extra TLC..

      God Bless you Vicki,