Wednesday, 1 May 2013

The visit..

Early this year, we had a letter from the Board of Studies. Registration was now due..I was fairly prepared. I knew what was expected of the interview.
I began putting the documentation together in anticipation of the phone call that precedes "the visit'.
The day of registration came and went. No phone call, no contact. 'How come?". I wondered.
Then I remembered. OH I need to print the document from the BOS website..
After I did this, sent it away and I had a letter arrive rather quickly.
I then just needed to wait.
On Monday, I heard from the AP- Approved Person, who would be out this week.
So today was the day..
I dressed early, tidied the house and organised all the school work into subjects. Placed everything onto the dining room table, the documentation of my current plan, my proposal for the coming year seperately displayed. I just needed to wait for her arrival.
She was early, so instead of leaving her outside in the car, we asked her to come in. It didn't matter if  she was 15 minutes early. It was neither here nor there.
It began... all the niceties were over.
Brid made a brief appearance, she had 2 extractions the day before, so was resting in her room. The AP knew this and encouraged her to rest. I was then left to explain our schooling plan, past and present...
explaining how this works,
 how we do this,
why we choose this.
It was rather a smooth easy interview.
Just two people chatting. She was quite delighted in my choice of literature books for Brid...

 As she is Catholic, she was delighted and interested in all our Catholic books. Our Catholic culture books. Our living Saint and Catechism books.
We spoke of our trip to Europe, She spoke of hers.
It all ended too quickly, but with me acquiring 2 years registration.

So I would say it was quite a successful day. A nice parting and our AP onto her next visit....



  1. Congratulations on your successful visit, Leanne! It's always a great feeling when it goes so well, isn't it? Will you celebrate your achievement, tonight? I hope Brid is feeling better, soon.

    God bless, Leanne:-)

    1. Hi vicki,
      Yes it was a relief. We are having a Roast dinner to celebrate...
      Brid is feeling better and better each hour.
      She is fashioning Peg dolls right now.
      God Bless

  2. Leanne, glad to hear everything went so well. I hope Brid is feeling better soon. God bless!

    1. Hi sue,

      Thanks for your well wishes. It was nice to have it our of the more BOS for me...
      And Brid is feeling a lot better. Making peg dolls and watching Paradise...
      God Bless,