Thursday, 2 May 2013

Our Lady- The Virgin Mary

                                   This month is a month we dedicate to Our Lady.

I look forward to this month every year.
I sit our statue of Our Lady at the dining table surrounded by a blue cloth, flowers and a candle and our rosary beads.
This year I can proudly add our candle from Lourdes. Its 60cm tall at the moment.
Its wrapped neatly with a blue ribbon
It is Our Lady I turn to in times of trouble, She directs me to her Son.
I turn to her when I am happy and joyful, she again directs me to her Son.
I love her simple prayfuness.
So serene and gentle, yet very strong and powerful..
I am reading a book at present. ' Spiritual Warfare: Attacks against the Women..Its a very good read, easy and not too heavy. A strong component is Our Lady- as you would imagine.

It was my grandmothers devotion to Our Lady that first drew me to her. I have shared this with you before. My Nanna would sooth me to sleep as a little girl by rubbing my back and whispering rhythmic  words. It was when I learnt the Rosary that it occured to me that this was what she was reciting. Our Lady has had her hand on me since I was a little child...

My favourite prayer would 'Mary conceived without sin, Pray for us who have recource to thee''..I pray this often, very quick and simple.

This month we also honour our mothers, with Mothers' Day. Such a beautiful time to spend with family and our mums, remembering and just being.

How will you spend this month? How will you be spending Mothers 'Day?


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