Friday, 3 May 2013


During term 1 this year, Brid asked if she could make a special meal for us. She always helps me cook, prepare and serve and she is quite capable. We gave her our Blessing to go ahead.
She went about her planning. She sat with several recipe books around her, trying to locate the perfect dinner menu.
She sent us both invitations in the mail... and added the date to our calendars and diaries so that we would not double book it.  Not that we would Wednesday nights are our home nights.
She then drew up a list of required ingredients, shopped for them, decorated the table, and began preparing her feast.
It was adventurous.
She had never used oil to pan fry before, so a little help from me was required.

After that Dermot and I vacated the kitchen and enjoyed an evening together, being served by our sweet teenager
Would you like to see the photos..? Here they are

It looks good, company great as wel

the mood was set..
Chicken parmigiana

Ice cream, jelly and chocolate- simple but yummy.

It was quite a feast and we could let her sit alone, so we asked her to join us.



  1. You have a lovely family, Leanne. It's so nice to read heart-warming stories like this. Brid sounds like a wonderful daughter.

    My fashion post is up, now. I had a little trouble writing about my new thoughts on fashion because I went shopping, on Friday, with good intentions and I came home with nothing! I need to browse the shops some more for that feminine look which is so lovely:-)

    God bless, Leanne:-)

    1. Thanks Vicki, for your reply.
      Brid is an adorable sweetheart, with a very soft and beautiful heart.
      The way I work my wardrobe now is that I choose just a few basic items each year.
      Dermot once gave me money to do a complete overall, but I couldn't spend it all in one season..I asked myself why? I realised I just needed a few items. Often I don't even do that.