Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Tuesday Strewsday- National Treasure and its rabbit trails-update..

We have started looking at "National Treasure" And now "National Treasure- Book of Secrets".
They both really cover the same areas, but as we have looked at very little American History this will be a good look at this time period.
So we have Google Earthed, surfed the internet on Eddison, Franklin, Washington.
We have been tourists at some sights in Washington.
Discovered what the The Stamp Act was and understanding the parts of US history.
Brid has loved looking at Franklins quotes.

So today..took us further into our adventure
We are still in New York doing a virtual tour of The Statue of Liberty. Discovering why it was named this and situating it on a map.
I asked Brid to place several states and cities on a map of the USA.
She is pretty clever with capturing maps from Google Earth and making markers for the cities and states we wanted to research.
I started looking at this topic with Brid, but she is quite happy to take over the reigns now and report back her discoveries.
She is an independant worker, as long as you give her a little direction she will happily work away.
I wonder where tomorrow will take her?? I am sure we will start the journey together, but somewhere along the way, I will step back. Just when the time is right.

My Updated Post.

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