Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Strewsday Tuesday

We have been watching a movie Saturday evening, after dinner. Often its a movie we already have on DVD, that is being aired on the TV.
This weekend it was National Treasure.  
 Late last year, Brid and I were chatting and the idea came to mind. "wouldn't it be fun to study/look further into this".
Well last night we both took note of all the topics discussed.
So we are looking into Benjamin Franklin, Washington , Pennsylvannia. The Declaration of Independence, Statue of Liberty,  etc. We may not do it thoroughly but we will have fun doing it.
Not sure how we will go about recording it, but i think the title should be "National Treasure".
What have you been strewing lately?  Post it on Tuesday.


  1. Aren't DVDs great for strewing? And, how often they lead to rabbit trails! We've learnt so many different things this way and really enjoyed it, too:)

  2. Thanks Vicki, I love rabbit trails, and now we are really in a groove we are following them more snd more.

  3. I love the idea, Stewsday Tuesday! Our Rabbit Trails with that movie included the Masons;)

  4. Hi erin, thanks for dropping by
    yes I was looking at discussing the Masons as well. We are both looking forward to starting it asap.

  5. I thought I had posted a comment last night, but apparently it didn't take for some reason. I was doing it from my ipad and sometimes it gets wacky!

    Anyway, lovely strewing Leanne! The thing is that when the kids have been exposed to things like The Statue of Liberty or all the ideas you listed, they have something to hang new information on the next time they encounter it. They'll feel in the blanks when they need to but you have given them a seed from which to grow. That's what I love about strewing! You just never know where it is going to take you!

  6. Hi Faith, Thanks for stopping by, and encouraging me.. I sometimes have trouble with comments not 'sticking' as well.
    I do totally agree with you about hanging their new information on. This is making learning and history much more real. Brid will fill in the blanks, she already says she has thinks to offer as we research ''National Treasure"
    God Bless Leanne

  7. Love it! Another great Strewsday post!

  8. OOHH thanks Leonie. Its taking shape, And guess whats on tonight. !!! the sequel. So I figure National treasure for a while yet.