Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Strewsday Tuesday-

Winged Watchman.

Its been on our reading basket for ages, but it just hasn't taken Brids fancy.
Last week she picked it up and started reading.
She couldn't put it down.
It covered issues like the Nazis, Jews, Dutch, concentration camps and Other areas we had covered in St Gianna Molla.
So we got chatting about it and I realised that we hadn't really looked at Holland- Netherlands.
I took the opportunity to show Brid where it was in relation to Germany.
We talked about dikes and reclaimed land, windmills and Tulips.

Thats been our recent Strewing.


  1. Leanne, I think we have this book somewhere on the shelf. I will look for it and strew it!

  2. Hi sue, It sat on my shelf for ages as well. All in God's timing. God Bless Leanne

  3. I love it when one thing leads to another! It makes the learning so much more interesting than ploughing through a pile of workbooks! :)

  4. We totally love this way of learning. we seem to be just ''getting'' through so much. I actually looked back on this term, and I am blown away with what Brid has covered. And its all been her.
    I was worried about justifying 2 weeks off before official school hols, but I am not now.