Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Strewsday Tuesday -

Who would have thought it.

I always wanted a daughter to enjoy Jane Austen. I really didn't think it would happen. Brid read the abridged version of Pride & Prejudice and wasn't that impressed when she was younger.
So many of my friends daughters were enjoying her style of writing. I just listened and waited until I could introduce her.

Kristie enjoyed reading some her books, and her cousin( who was living with us for 4 months) encouraged her and sat with Kristie watching  several movies together. It was a fun time, and lots of quotes from there cousin. Brid was far too young and was immersed in her own world.
So now Brid has begun her journey. We used Literature for Young Ladies, (Serendipity blog) as our bouncing ground. We have purchased several books that I have attempted to lay around the house.
Well not likely. Every book is taken from my hands as I am opening it.
We began with Presenting Miss Jane Austen. Brid can quote from this one. It began as a reluctant read and then it was hard to take it away from her.
Pride &  Predjudice didn't look inviting until she had read it.
Daily life in a Victorian house was an excellent book, that was read from cover to cover. And again...
Yesterday, I received The Jane Austen Handbook. We were about to head out in the car, so I packed it in the bag.
"Open the bag and see what's inside, "I said.
"Oh you bought it".. Cried a Brid with excitement.
It was read out and laughter was followed by more "I have to read this to you"
It is her new favourite book. So she tells me.

We have just purchased Jane Austen's guide to good manners.

"Mum We should be reading Sense & Sensibility first, we have read them in the wrong order".

So I am delighted that Brid is enjoying  Jane Austen.

I am not expecting an Essay or a book review just immersion into a time in History, Life and good times.

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