Monday, 29 August 2011

An amazing achievement....

I looked over our homeschool journal for this last term, and I was surprised as to how much Brid had achieved and had 'done', in these weeks.
But what I realised was" how do we do this?"

We keep a list of ideas in my journal and a copy on the computer- in her document folder.
We add to the list as we think of something else we would like to study/ research/ read.
Depending on the excitement generated by ideas back n forth over the lunch/ dinner table, depends on where that idea will sit on the list. It will also depend if we need to order resources.

On Sunday evenings, if not done beforehand, Brid writes up her guidelines fo her week. I used to do this, but Brid wanted to take this over. It is now her guidelines for herself, not mine for her.
But before that there is much chatter about what to put on her page.
Before to long, a list appears. Somethings are a constant others change.
What the month is dedicated to- ie The month of the Immaculate Heart
The week and its dates. ie week 5, august 1- 6
The books she is reading, Maths, the unit we are studying.
And all her activities we need to remember throughout the week.-dancing, piano, Girl Guides, Photography, Adoration,
Lastly is the Feast days she wants to celebrate each week.
All decorated nicely with flowers and images she chooses.
Brid now is ready to begin, without my help but just a little guidance.

So lets look at last week.
Prayer is essential. As for many of us, its central to our day, much of our day is pegged around prayer and meals.
Monday started with First Aid as a homeschooling day activity. So a small amount of Maths was completed before we travelled to the designated hall.
The rest of the week, was filled with a medieval reader, her unit study on National Treasure dvd, reading Pride & Prejudice,  Maths Online, an Encouragement evening.
Friday has been a Photographic course with  other teens in out area, but usually we will be having this day completely free. It was sewing and Scones and Milo a few weeks during winter, but now its spring so I am sure adventures will take place.

So with this routine, We have jammed so much into our weeks and if I felt a little guily about a 4 week break, I don't now.
So what will  end our Term.? We have decided on Cleopatra. Why?  Brid loved doing her Egyptian lapbook and reading about there Ancient culture when she was younger. So we decided to revisit it. This time using Cleopatra as a bouncing point. We have loads of Library books and a lend from a friend and we are ready to dive in. We will come up for air sometime next week, just in time for our break...


  1. Hi Leanne,

    Just like you, I am always amazed at just how much ground we have covered, when we look back through our journal.

    I love how Brid takes responsiblity for her own planning. My girls write themselves a termly report. This is mainly for the benefit of the BoS. But it also gives them an opportunity to reflect on their achievements and decide where they'd like to go next.

    Do you take 4 weeks break after every term? I think just as much learning goes on in holiday time as in official term time, but maybe different things are the focus.

    I enjoyed your post!

  2. I think you describe so well how a bit of planning can fit in with unschooling. I find it really motivating to make lists of new ideas and plans for strewing. For us, it's too easy to drift if we don't make some sort of outline of what we could be doing. And, it's satisying to look back and see just how much has been achieved, isn't it? I, also, think we learn things in more depth now that we unschool. Do you find that with your learning, Leanne?:)

  3. Hi Sue,
    Thanks for dropping by..Brid has really enjoying putting her ownn stamp on her planning.
    We don't normally take this long a break, but we have homeschool camp coming up soon and then we are taking a little holiday..But I am sure ot will be very educational, with a twist...full of memories.
    God Bless

  4. Hi Vicki,
    We can drift as well, that why I like to make those little lists and so does one other little darling- learnt it from mum...
    I think we are learning so much more now..
    We are covering more ground because we have no restrictions. I really didn't think it would be like this..
    I can't see ourselves fitting back into a schoolie program anytime soon.
    God bless,