Friday, 14 February 2014


January Update

January is always a huge month for us.
The first week is always a 'down' week. We totally relax, begin to pack away our Christmas decorations and clean and dust as we put items away.
I make lists of what we need to take. We pack for our busy month, re house our animals and make our house ready.
Our first week is at Mcdonald College in North Strathfield Sydney. Its an amazing ballet summer school with outstanding teachers from all over the world. Christopher Powney - Artistic director of Royal Ballet. He and his wife were among the teachers.
Its a big week, long hours, very tiring, but quite rewarding as it challenges the dancers. Its a great networking week for Brid. We had 3 students from our Ballet school attend. They certainly came back to the school inspired.
Brid and I stay with our dear friends 40 minutes drive away. They have generously allowed us free access to there home 3 years in a row. Its a true Blessing.
Our next week we spent in the company of the Disciples of Jesus community and there religious order-Missionaries of Gods Love.
It was such a wonderful week. So lovely to be there among Christ filled men and women and children.
We arrived very tired, broken from a quite tiring and stressful year and left 7 days later totally recharged. We were tired as it is again early starts and late nights, but that's the beauty of the week. The Holy Spirit was very powerful and worked on each individual person at a different rate, depending on our needs. I love the praise and worship, Mass daily, Divine Office twice a day, Adoration, lectures, seminars and hanging out with all these gorgeous people during meals and snack times.
The teen girls around  Brid's age were so gorgeous. They supported each other and held each other up to God as each needed. It  was a beautiful witness. They formed a little community called Sophia sisterhood. They had 2 young women who mentored them and encouraged good Godly practice- modesty, Purity, and so many other lovely qualities.
Dermot and I watched with awe and wonder of Gods Love in this little group.
So after we left refreshed, We headed to catch a flight to Melbourne so Brid could attend the Australian Conservatoire of Ballets Summer School. This is the syllabus her ballet school use. It was with much excitement and anticipation that Brid attended this summer school. It was wonderful to meet with Christine Walsh and her Husband. The administrative staff and the ballet teachers. Brid learnt a great deal and has taken this enthusiasm back to her Ballet school.
So while Brid danced, Dermot and I watched the Tennis at Rod Laver Arena, took trams and trains all over Melbourne. Found gorgeous little dresses for Brid, walked along Southbank and had a river cruise along the Yarra, learning the little secrets of the Yarra.
We rented a little apartment in Parhan very close to the direct tram line to the ballet school.
Brid fell in love with Melbourne and can't wait to go back. And actually nor can I.

So what do you think we did when we got home from 3 busy full weeks?
 We just chilled. 
Unpacked and just relaxed...It was the best thing to do. 
It was our plan all along to have that week resting and relaxing. cuddling our Puppy, our cat and rabbit. 

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