Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Two weeks in......

Well its been two weeks, maybe three since we commenced school for the year..
I have tried to keep the school load as light as possible.
Some subjects are progressing quicker than others, but I am placing no pressure on Brid. She is working at her pace.
This workload leaves Brid free to warm up and stretch before her daily ballet classes.
We are working with another family, exploring Art & Artists. Its not only to learn about these Artists but to have girl time with a close friend. That's so important in the world of ballet. It can be extremely competitive.
Brid is reading through a gorgeous book she chose at a Catholic bookstore in Melbourne, certainly not on any lists, but she's enjoying it, nevertheless.

  Its full of wonderful wisdom although it is pitched at the older teen,its certainly a great inspiring book that she'd recommend. The best part for me is that she chose it, not me. Makes me proud.
So with a balance of school load and allowing her plenty of down time after Ballet classes, a good nutritious diet we have settled in well to our year.
Its bound to get quite busy, as the eisterfodd season is upon us.
This year Brid is attending a big Competetion, AICD. Its a chance to win a Scholarship to a prestigious Ballet Summer School in Houston USA. Just to enter will be amazing experience, no matter the outcome.
We are still trying to Keep God as our focus and At times, I must confess this can be difficult as the world creaps in. So spare a prayer for Brid as she enters these Competitions. Her intention always is to dance for God.

How is your year going so far?

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