Monday, 17 February 2014

Chaines -Shee-nay

Have you met our adorable little sweetheart Chaines. ?
She is the most gorgeous little girl.
We love her to bits and are delighted that we found her.
Do you wanna hear her story.....
I had been looking for a Puppy for a few weeks and came across a family close by who were selling Golden Retriever puppies.
Brid was at Ballet, Dermot was Mowing. I couldn't resist. I stopped Dermot mowing and said 'lets go see this pup."
With a slight hesitation he got himself organised. We arrived at the breeders house to find the most adorable 4 week old pups. 8 in total. 4 boys/ 4 girls.
4 weeks old
I had my heart set on one in particular, but Dermot wasn't convinced. I put a little ribbon around the little one that appealed to me.
Lets say by the time we picked up Brid from Ballet, he was convinced and were choosing names.
I took responsibility of researching everything we would need for her.
Now a name was pretty important and we had many. We short listed about 5. Brids a dancer and loves doing Chaines'. So why not use this name. So her name is  pronounced Shee-nay.
So the day came and we collected her from Her owners and she said goodbye to her Mum- Chelsie,  Dad- Charlie and brothers and sisters. She was the first one to be collected. Several puppies were being flown interstate. The owner gave us a blanket with her parents scent on it, We had a little toy that we got her parents and siblings to play with, its still her favourite toy to date. She only has it for her bedtime. You can just see it in the photo with Brid on the way home.

7 weeks old, on our way home

She was so cute, but quite distressed when she realised she was alone without her pack. She needed to adjust to her new pack.
When she first came to live with us, she would bury herself under all the blankets and under her bed because she was used to being slept on, stepped over and stepped on by her Brothers and Sisters.
We had several bad nights sleep with her howling. we settled her down and she has adapted to our family really well. She comes driving with us in the car when I drop Brid to Ballet or if I need pet supplies, for either her or Bailey- our cat.
She lives inside but loves the yard to run in.
 I have a dear Friend Bev, who helped a lot with her when she first came home. We talked frequently and still do. She is a Dog handler in the UK.
She loves her bones and gnaws for hours. Dried bones are the best for her, less messy and smelly.
We began training her as soon as we got her home. She responded really quickly. You might think this a little fast but she needed to know our commands and we needed to know her signals.
about to jump in

She still does naughty things- Dermot says there not naughty, she is just untrained. !!! She absolutely loves the pool. She jumps in whenever We let her.
So much more to say, More to follow I am sure.
Newcastle Foreshore

Chaines and Brid,  now 5 and half months old
So there you have our new little addition....

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