Friday, 10 January 2014

Australian Ballet adventure

In July, Brid was given the opportunity to attend a Winter school with the Australian Ballet. As Dermot was working, my parents booked an apartment,2 doors away from the Australian Ballet. We all stayed together, it was a really nice to share this experience with Mum and Dad.
Every morning Dad and I would drop Brid at the Ballet studio and we would discover some area of Melbourne.
My Mum has not been well for a while with aches and pains, so we only wanted to be gone for a few hours each day..
We caught the tram to St kilda, to Richmond walked the CBD and Southbank..It was really nice having a few days to be with my Dad. He said he enjoyed sharing this time together with me. That was such a Blessing.
The only downside was Brid hurt her calf and she needed to ice after exercise and heat the muscle to cool down..This was her only regret, apart from that it was an amazing experience for her.
To celebrate her efforts that week, I took Mum Dad and Brid to a little Italian restaurant around the corner. yummy food and wine for us all. Oh and a milkshake for Brid.
I had made an appointment the following day for Brid to see a pointe shoe fitter at Bloch- Southbank. Oh, and use her discount card..!!! We were not expecting to find any Pointe  shoes. She was happy with her Russian Pointes. Within 15 minutes we had found a pair of pointe shoes that fitted so well. She really liked them, so we purchased them. I was quite surprised that she didn't ask for any other item..  Straight after this we caught a Flight home. It was lovely to be at home and work out what we were going to do with her calf.
A few days later:
The Studio had entered the group into another festival, and as one or two girls were unable to make it, we needed a couple of fill ins..They needed to practice.
The day of the eisteddfod arrived and we were scheduled to be on stage at 10am. The troupe did very well, They didn't place, but that's the eisteddfod scene. They were in time, executed there steps well. they looked fantastic. Afterwards her dance teacher spoke to Brid and myself about calf. He wanted it sorted. That actually meant a week off. So a
I asked several Dancing mums who to see. What physiotherapist would be best. We already had an appointment at a Bowen therapist, but I was unsure if this was the correct treatment?????


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