Friday, 10 January 2014

Last part of 2013 in snapshot.

Well here I am again apologizing for not checking in.!!!
I 've tried to keep up with all our friends different posts on Blogger.

Its been totally mad around our home since last August.
I haven't been able to find the time to blog.
September saw Brid do her Ballet exam. She scored well and was awarded a Highly commended. The 2nd top result in the scoring system. She had a calf and shin injury, therefore, she couldn't do small or large jumps ( Petite and Grande Allegro).
We were ever so proud of her.
After the exam, we worked with a Bowen therapist to realign and correct connective tissue. Yep- You heard right. Amazing work.
This was a major success.
We holidayed in a little cottage 8.7 kms out of Dorrigo. Such a pretty and relaxing place. We walked, talked, lazed and reconnected with each other. Its been a very busy year.
Brid attended 2 eisteddfods following our holiday, she attained great results and danced her first modern expressive- choreographed by herself. Critiqued by her Jazz and contemporary teacher.
Once school holidays ended then began the hours of concert preparation. Brid says this is her favourite term. She loves learning new dances and assisting in choreographing.
somehow, between all this we fitted in school work. How I don't know. !!
We even managed a fortnightly Shakespeare gathering, reading and discussing Romeo & Juliet. This later turned into Art appreciation lessons with the same family. Loved the company and enjoyed the experience. It will happen again this year.
Meanwhile, We took it in turns to drive Brid to Ballet. We began car pooling with another family. That took off a little pressure.
I reconnected with several life long friends and family member after a sad incident in September. Its been lovely keeping in contact.
During all this busyness and mundane life, we purchased a puppy. She is adorable and much loved by us all.
The Christmas production Of Cinderella was drawing near and wow was it going to be good.
Brid was cast into 5 different dances, She was pumped and up for the challenge.
We tried to prepare our hearts and home for Christmas amongst all of this. It wasn't the most well prepared we could be, but we ket giving over every day and challenge to Our Lord.
Brid continued to attend Youth group and has some lovely friends and has enjoyed the company of the youth leaders.
We said goodbye to our Central coast Holiday house. Its being sold. So sad, the end of an era. Brids' been going there since before she was born.
Its been quite an emotional roller coaster of a journey for us all this year, learning hoe best to support Brid through several difficult peers at Ballet. She has made many good choices and learnt so much about herself, who her friends are and how Friends and family can be there to lift her spirits.
So that brings us mostly up to date with last year 2013.. Of course,  our faith was the underpinning of our reactions and the source of moral judgments.
Dermot and I celebrated 10 years for our computer company. That's quite an achievement in these days. We decided to give our clients a little hamper of things we liked. A useful box, wine and glasses, coffee and mugs, lovely tea, chocolates and assorted goodies all presented in cellophane and individually delivered to each of our clients. We chose every item ourselves and carefully wrapped it all. Brid helped by writing and printing the cards.
I'll share some more news soon.


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