Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Its been a while..

I can't promise I will be able to stay too long, but I needed to tell you of our adventures...

WOW its been busy.

Last school holidays Brid entered an Eisteddfod - festival for US friends. She performed a Solo she had been working on for some time.

It took quite a while to perfect it because Brid has been en Pointe at the Barre' - using a barre', and not in the centre. Because of her age, she needed to do this solo en pointe..
Brid has moved rapidly with the greatest care of her Ballet teachers, from Ballet flats to Pointe shoes.
This has not been without injury though. Let me explain, as Brid has advanced so quickly, it meant that her muscles and joints needed to catch up.
She performed her Classical Solo to lovely classical piece, which showed her ballet style off beautifully.
Before the performance Brid had the opportunity to warm up and use the dance studio to go through her dance again. This was a very special opportunity that her teachers had given the students. It really showed how much they care for there students. The venue was quite close to our dance studio, so we drove there, got Brid settled and prepared for her solo dance.Miss Kristy had a chat to her and then it was up to Brid.. and some little friends who waited with her..
I only have one picture.. Yes I forgot to take photos. I was so nervous for her that I forgot to take photos. Her ballet teacher, Miss Kristy took a photo..
Her hair was twisted at the and placed in a bun. She had flowers in her hair rather than a tiara or head piece.
Her tutu was redecorated by a friend, it sparkled and shone with the lights of the stage. We nervously waited for her to be announced on stage and then we proudly sat and watched her dance en pointe. I had seen the routine twice, but it wasn't until that evening that I saw her dance to her full potential.
She executed every step and presented herself very well. Her teachers looked around at me when she was finished and stated, "Its the best she has ever danced this routine." They were very happy. I couldn't ask for more. Dermot & I were happy, Her teachers were happy and Brid was happy.
So that an amazing night..
She can't wait to perform again...soon...

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